17-year Old Girl Jumped Off into Lake to Complete Final Task in Blue Whale!


Blue Whale challenge which is targeting the lives of young people, took many lives already. Recently, another victim, a girl from India almost took her life by jumping off into a lake, who was then rescued by Policemen. 

According to News Reports, the young lady, who was admitted to a hospital center after she was rescued by jumpers, professedly expended a few dozing pills keeping in mind the end goal to submit suicide. A 17-year-old young girl, who was on Monday saved by policemen and jumpers as she was going to complete the Blue Whale challenge in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, on Wednesday allegedly endeavored to assert her life for the second time.

Image Credits: hindustantimes.com

The individuals told the News that she endeavored to murder herself expecting that in the event that she doesn’t complete the diversion challenge, the Blue Whale will slaughter her mom. The specialists, who were treating her, moved her to an ICU where she was given medicinal treatment. She was later moved to the general ward. On Monday night, the young lady, who is the girl of a BSF warrior, left her home and lied to her friends that she was setting off to the market.

Another BlueWhale Victim Almost Took Life

When she didn’t return, her friends called the on the telephone, which was picked by an outsider as opposed to their little girl. This left them stressed and they began looking for their missing girl. Meanwhile, the young lady was spotted by a man named Om Prakash, who used to work in a similar range, where the young lady had stopped her bike and was crying.

“She was crying. I understood she would jump into the lake. I kept running behind her and attempted to stop her. I began conversing with her and asked her what’s the issue, she said my mom will die.Why will your mom bite the dust, I inquired. She said her diversion was nearing the end and in the event that she didn’t finish her undertaking her mom would pass on,” the man told correspondents. Discussing the episode, a cop said,”We got information at around 11 pm the previous evening that a young lady was driving around Kalyana lake…we achieved the spot. She was hauled out in the nick of time.”

The Blue Whale Challenge is purposely a suicide amusement in which the player is given sure undertakings to finish over a time of 50 days and the last assignment drives him or her to submit suicide. The player is additionally made a request to share photographs in the wake of completing each test. The diversion has so far guaranteed lives of no less than 250 individuals around the world.


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