7 Top Cool Features in the New Apple IOS 15 Update

7 Top Cool Features in the New Apple IOS 15 Update

New Apple IOS 15 update is waiting for you to empower with

the following upgraded features.

Apple launched its new Apple update 15 on the 20th of September with many upgraded features. If you have iPhone 6S or above, you are running IOS 14 on your phone yet; you guys are eligible to update your Apple device to IOS 15.

IOS 15 update
the following incredible features that come with your new Apple update 15.0

Once you download and install the new update, you can experience those features without any issues. However, if you have any doubts regarding the latest IOS update, you can go for a solution through this IOS forum. Believe us, guys, you will love the following incredible features that come with your new Apple update 15.0.

Find Focus

Find Focus is one of the great features that come with the new Apple IOS 15. It’s just like an improved version of Do Not Disturb. This feature will help you to increase your Focus and reduce your distractions. Find Focus has an option to filter the notification and applications based on user needs. Not only that also you can customize the Focus according to your Schedules. When you are at home, during your working hours, and before bedtime, you can create different Focuses through this new feature. If you activate Find Your Focus on your iPhone, it will automatically apply to your MacBook and iPad.

Find Focus
This feature will help you to increase your Focus and reduce your distractions.

Find Focus is not just muting alerts and disturbances, like Do Not Disturb done earlier. DND allows important contacts and messages to come to your iPhone. In the Find Focus, it depends according to the Time and your current location. In such a way, You can create different profiles for different purposes and save them for further use. You can define what the notifications that need to be silent according to your shapes are.

Natural Face Time & Share Play

Relationships matter to all of us. Face Time is one of the best ways to keep our relationships closer to us. With IOS 15 update now, you can experience much more natural conversations with your family and friends. Background noises can mask through the newly introduce microphone mode. You can hear your loved one voice. Spatial audio helps to identify the voices according to the people are positioned on your screen.

Face Time
You can blur your surrounding and get more Focus on you while calling

You can confuse your surrounding and get more Focus on you while calling. That will help you to take portraits, and this is specially design for video call purposes. The new grid view of FaceTime enables callers to see more faces at the same time more clearly.

Share Play   

While an Apple user on a FaceTime call can now share your experiences with other partners via the Share Play option, together with your friends, you can watch a TV series, listen to Apple Music, or a movie from Apple TV+. You can even share your screen and sync with other streaming services.

Share Play
You can even share your screen and sync with other streaming services.


Modification in Notification  

With the new IOS update, you can notify people quickly with their contact photos on a large scale. This is applicable for the apps too. Apple has tried to customize this new notification system in a much user-friendly way. You can select the notifications you need to prioritize and when they pop up on your device screen. Due to this, you can significantly reduce the distractions and have much awareness about prioritizing.

you can choose the Time when to receive the notifications

IOS 15 gives you the further option to delay the less critical reports. In the notification tab, you can select Scheduled Summary. Out of 12 daily summaries set, you can choose the Time when to receive the messages.

Live Text

Live Text is another cool feature that you can experience with new IOS 15 updates. With this feature, iPhone could be able to recognize Text in photos. You can use your Camera app to process this. As an example, you see the email on a business card. You want to send an email. You can open your camera and point to the email; within few seconds, you can send what you want. Same way, if there is any phone number, you have to tell your camera to it; you can call through the pop-up contact menu.

Live Text
iPhone could be able to recognize Text in photos

For the Live Text, you can even use the Photos app according to your wishes. In the Camera app, you can see the Live Text Button, and you can use that for your Live Text purpose. You can use Live Text through the Photos app, press and hold the Text on your photo, and select it. You will have plenty of options, including copy, share, translate, etc.

Redesign Safari

Safari browsing becomes more comfortable with new IOS 15 updates. You can control content with a single hand. The Tab bar has moved to the bottom, and it will allow you to swipe between your tabs quickly. You can even customize your accounts using your favorite background Images.

Among all these updates, Groups Tab can be the most valuable and powerful update. You can save plenty of tabs with this option. If you search for more things around a particular topic, you can quickly put them all into a single group. By tapping and holding on to a specific link, you can choose the Tab Group option and then move the link to a group. Even you can add the pages to the tab groups. You can see how many tab groups you have opened Through the tab manager view, and from the Edit option, you can create more or delete groups you don’t need anymore.

App Privacy

As an IOS user, you may have several experiences with app privacy. You can take the control over your apps and decide how often it is used. The New Apple update gives much more insight into the use of an app. You will get aware of an app whether it is overuse or use at uncommon times. You can easily activate this by turning on the Record App Activity on Privacy settings. Using this feature after one week or more, you have a summary of the activity and download it by tapping on Save App Activity.

App privacy
You can take control over your apps

Weather and notes

IOS 15 gives you more graphical views of the weather forecast. Under different conditions, you can see full-size maps, many dynamic layouts. Accurate sun’s position, you will see through the adorable animated backgrounds. As in previous versions, you can get notify about rain, snow, and much more.

Easily and immediately, you can categorize your notes and able to add user-created tags. With this feature, you can share those notes and notify particular members of the essential updates.

full-size maps, many dynamic layouts

We hope these new and updated features will help you increase your productivity and feasibility in your day-to-day life. So what do you think of it? Are there any cool features that you experience with the new Apple update IOS 15? If so, don’t forget to share with us.