Android auto 6.0 Update : Coming soon

Android auto 6.0 Update : Coming soon

What is the Android auto 6.0 update?

Here are some important details about Android auto 6.0. We can see what an android auto looks like. And also it is exactly what it sounds like Android for driving. Mainly you must know The important thing to understand about Android Auto is that it runs on your phone, and also connected to your car, All the time every car does is display the Android Auto interface and allow interaction, Although this all the heavy lifting of data processing, connectivity is handled by the phone. below you can see some information about Android auto 6.0.

android auto6.0 update coming soon wallpapers
android auto6.0 update coming soon wallpapers

Android Auto 6.0 will most be like include wallpaper support. A feature Google has been working on since mid-2019 hope to launch in late 2021. Also, wallpaper support, as well as Google will also allow users to select a new background for android auto for their flagship units and will provide some images that can be activated within the app in line with the app’s current build code.

However android auto is a free application for your mobile phone based on google play, it has been around for a number of years also announced in the year 2014 as well as its available from mainstream manufacturers. Here are some instructions about android auto.

Some instruction for Android auto

set up problems and troubleshooting

However, Have you problems with setting up and using your Android Auto? Okay In this video, we can discuss connecting to your phone, And also common problems or issues, Finally what you can do to solve those problems. Let’s see.

(Pocket-lint ) Android auto

(Pocket-lint) – This is a Google looking to different things up with a big change to Android Auto, according to a new update. It seems like hope to release coming January 2021, will see the release of a massive update to the infotainment system with different features. and also android auto will be run and design your phone as a standard service.

Google is going to add some Assistant shortcuts for this Android auto 6.0 update, So it can be performed hands-free tasks, in fact, android auto 6.0 could also include a VPN warning about the app blocking.

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