Anonymous hacked Chicago police dept radios and played NWA’s ‘F tha police during protests

Anonymous hacked Chicago police dept radios and played NWA’s ‘F tha police during protests

A notorious Hacker group named “Anonymous” have hacked the Chicago Police scanners to play NWS’s 1988s hit “F’ tha Police” during the outrageous protest raging over USA.  This Hacktivists have gone viral after posting a statement on returning to social media over twitter mentioning in light of the recent brutal death of Georg Floyd died by the hands of a White Cop names Derek Chauvin:

“We stand in solidarity with the protesters and revolutionaries

fighting the US oligarchy, fighting the injustice

of a massively corrupt racist system

that has continued on for generations. #BlackLivesMatter

@YourAnonNews via twitter| 31.05.2020

After posting the above on twitter the song started to play in the frequency, it’s being reported that Tay Zonday’s song “Chocolate Rain” was also played in the Police scanners but that doesn’t not trace its origins to the above said hackers.

The added on the twitter on the same day before the Radio hack:

“If the police can’t restrain themselves and are shooting reporters,
kicking protesters, punching protesters,
and engaging in violence – how can anyone expect
the people to restrain themselves?

People are done being brutalized and murdered.”

@YourAnonNews via twitter| 31.05.2020 @ 6.53 pm

Later they have released a video with a hacker wearing the famous anonymous mask of Guy Fawkes, and threatening to release all the Minneapolis crimes over the time to world. These hackers claimed to have hacked the Minneapolis Department Website as well.  Shortly after the hack they posted taking credit for what they did, in one of their accounts @LatestAnonNews , which has many such as @YourAnonCentral and few unidentified more.  With a promise to Expose more of “Dirty” cops.

“The day so far #Anonymous have taken down and exposed

The #Minneapolis PD website

Hacked Chicago Police Radios

Promises to Expose Ferguson PD

Released Trump and Epstein docs regarding their crimes

@LatestAnonNews via twitter | 31.05.2020 @ 7.48 pm

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