Apple AirPods Third Generation: From Travelers Viewpoint

Apple AirPods Third Generation: From Travelers Viewpoint

Apple AirPod Third Generation release on October 26, 2021. The whole new wireless earbuds are designed for all purposes. Still, we are going to review the AirPods from a traveler’s viewpoint.

The Origins of Apple AirPods.

AirPods introduce for the first time by Apple Inc on December 13, 2016. It was the first generation, and millions of people loved the device’s superior and unmatched sound quality. After that, the second generation was released on March 20, 2019. And the third generation was released on October 26, 2021. Also, the first generation was discontinued from March 20, 2019.

While first-generation devices have the Apple W1 system and 2nd and 3rd generation devices have the Apple H1 system.

Apple AirPods Third Generation:
Apple AirPods Third Generation: From Travelers Viewpoint

Apple AirPods Third Generation Pricing

Today, many types of travelers travel with super luxury yachts to travel with just their backpacks. The majority f the people who enjoy travel are concerned about the budget. Hence, when we look at the Apple AirPods Third Generation in the traveler’s view, we see our pricing concerns.

  • The Apple AirPods third Generation is available at the price tag of $179, and you can direct order form here.
  • Also, if you are interested, Apple AirPods second generation is available at $129.
  • Apple AirPod Pro comes with a MagSafe charging case for $249
  • the Apple Voice Plan, Apple users can enjoy millions of songs and stations through Siri will also be compatible with this device.
  • If you are a new subscriber, you can have Apple Music free for the first six months.
  • Apple AirPods Third Generation and Secon Generation customers can also add personalized engraving in their AirPod Case for free when you order your device with Apple Store or Apple Store App.

An Immersive Audio Experience with Apple AirPods Third Generation

Apple AirPods is always known for its superior audio quality. The new generation also keeps [s the standards and enhances them to deliver an immersive experience to the users. The new device has adaptive EQ and spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. This feature comes along with Dolby Atmos, which will allow you to enjoy your everyday music, tv shows, movies like in a theater or in a concert.

Apple AirPods Third Generation Microphone is covered with an acoustic mesh to help reduce the sound of the wind. So, the speakers’ voices will come across distinctively on calls.

Also, the device has the AAC-ELD, a superior speech codec. This feature offers full HD voice quality and helps to have clear natural communication face time calls.

Adaptive EQ feature tunes the sound in real-time based on how AirPods fit the user’s ear, resulting in rich, detailed sound quality. This will help you enjoy your music or stations you love to hear with a maximum optimized quality for yourself only. So, you won’t have to bother to tune up the devices. Just hang the AirPods in your ear and start to enjoy the music.

The spatial audio feature puts you in the middle of three-dimensional space. It lets you enjoy your music like in a theater or in a concert. While you travel physically, you may feel you are in the middle of harmony.

So, all these features make your music and voice experience better. It will be a great relief to you while you travel and relax your mind with rich, detailed sound. Therefore, we can recommend the device to travelers who want to enjoy music while traveling.

Apple AirPods Third Generation: From Travelers Viewpoint
Travel with your loved ones and Apple AirPods

All-New Design

Apple AirPods Third Generation is sweat and water-resistant with an IPX4 rating for earbuds and charging cases. Therefore, you do not have to worry while going in a desert or in heavy rain. Even you can wear the device while you work out with our doing any harm to the device.

Moreover, the device is absolutely lightweight and contoured. The devices will perfectly fit any shape of the ear without losing and falling. The angle of the device is created to deliver the sound right into the ear.

The force sensor of the device is also re-designed to deliver the maximum output and give more control over your hearing. You can simply touch the sensor and play, pause and skip through the songs, and answer and end phone calls.

Your Apple AirPod is made to connect instantly with your Apple Devices. You just have to place the AirPods near your Apple Devices like iPhone or iPad and tap the Connect to pair with every device in your iCloud.

All these features are designed for everyday use, but they are perfectly fit for travelers also. So, that’s why we do recommend the device, especially to travelers.


Battery Boost of Apple AirPod third Generation

Everyone, including me, bothers one thing about portable audio devices is battery life. When the quality goes up, battery life goes down. And when the quality and battery life go up together, device weight and size also go up together, making users uncomfortable.

However, Apple AirPod Third Generation claims up to six hours of music listing or four hours of phone calls. Both options have additional one-hour advancement than the previous generation. Just five minutes of charging will give you one hour of battery life for the device. You can get an additional total of 30 hours of listening time with the four additional charges in the case. The MagSafe charger is also supported by wireless charging for our convenience.

So, the device’s battery life is extremely in favor of the traveler’s lifestyle and requirements.

Considering all these factors and features, Apple AirPod third Generation is a kind of essential item for keeping with you when you are traveling. Certainly, the device will provide great relief to you when you are about to listen to music or stations and make calls.

You might have a new device or be willing to have one. So, we hope this article will help you to make the call. Also, do not forget to share with your friends, and we value your opinions and comments at the same time.