Apple Events October 2021

Apple Events October 2021

As promised by Apple, another set of unique products was unveiled at Apple Event, 18th October 2021. The event went online due to the health precautions but carried very important details regarding upcoming Apple products.

Tim Cook,  CEO, Apple Inc, and some of the professionals of Apple Inc attended the online apple event. The Apple event mainly focused on six categories. Apple Music, HomePod Mini, AirPods, M1 Pro, M1 Max, macOS, and MacBook Pro are the six main products and services Apple evet went through.

Below, we will look in detail at these products and services and see how far Apple went this time to serve a better experience to their customers. So, here we go!!


Apple Music – The Voice Plan

“Music plays such an important part in our lives. It has the power to inspire, lift us up, and bring us together,” said Tim Cook at the beginning of the presentation on Apple Music.

Apple provides various kinds of products to get familiar with the music we love. With proper integration of hardware, software, and services, Apple delivers a seamless music experience with amazing sound quality through various devices.

Through all these devices, Apple music gives you the best and quality music tracks, songs. In the fall, Apple music takes another additional step to be more familiar with you by introducing “The Voice Plan.”

In this service, you can listen to almost anything you want to hear with Siri and Apple Music by just using your voice. There are 90 million songs and thirty thousand curated playlists in the Apple Music Global Catalog. You can access any of this by using your voice via Apple Music and Siri.

Just ask Siri for a “playlist for a dinner party,” “relaxing music before bed,” and you’ll be there with Apple Music.

The Voice Plan comes with just your voice and the power of Siri. You can access every song, every playlist, and every station in Apple Music across all your Apple devices for Just $4.99 a month.

Also, you may note that this service will be available in 17 countries and regions later this fall.

Apple HomePod Mini

HomePod mini is a kind of new definition of music. Especially when you are at home, you can use HomePod mini to enjoy the music you love. The new HomePod mini infused three colors: yellow, orange, and blue with fabric mesh tinted touch surface, volume icons, and woven cables. All new colors are about to brighten up your home space. Also, the HomePod mini can perfectly sync with all Apple devices and multi-room audio.

You can play any song with the help of Siri, add a reminder, and you can rally your family members by using the intercom without raising your voice. These absolutely cool features are about to rise up you to the next level.


Apple AirPods

While HomePod mini is a way to enjoy music in your home, the new third-generation AirPods are the way to listen to music on the go. With the spatial audio featuring Dolby Atmos in Apple Music, new AirPods are way better than the previous versions.

New AirPods move beyond the traditional left-right stereo sound into a three-dimensional immersive listening experience. Spatial audio embeds you deeper into the mix than you ever experienced. Featured spatial audio takes you to a theater-like experience, placing you right in the middle of the action while watching a show or listing to music with AirPods.

The new third-generation AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are compatible with all your Apple devices, from iPhone to iPad to Apple Tv and Mac.

Since all of our ear shapes are different, the thing we are hearing can also be different from what we are intended to hear. All-new Apple AirPods, the third generation, successfully addressed the situation with two unique options. First, with the new contoured design, the sound goes directly into the ears. In the second option, Adaptive EQ is customizing the frequencies in the sound to match what you are hearing to how it’s supposed to hear.

The rest of the magical whole new AirPods features are shown in the below infographic.

Infographic - Apple AirPod
Apple new AirPod features


Apple M1 Pro and Apple M1 Max

M1 chip is a complete breakthrough. The chip redefined devices with incredible performance and extraordinary battery life. All-new M1 pro and M1 Max unveiled their ultimate features far better than the previous version in the Apple October Event.

M1 is the first pro chip designed for the Mac Book Pro. Johny Srougi, SVP, Hardware Technologies, stated that they have applied a system-on-a-chip design by upscaling M1’s groundbreaking architecture to create a far better powerful chip with M1 Pro. According to Johny, M1 pro has 200GB per sec of memory bandwidth, nearly three times M1. Also, M1 pro’s custom package supports up to 32 GBs of unified memory with 33.7 billion transistors. It’s more than twice M1.

M1 pro starting with 10 – Core CPU with 8 high-performance cores and 2 high-efficiency cores. Also, M1 Pro has 16 GPU cores, which is 8 more than M1. The additional core makes M! Pro two times faster than M1. In addition to that, M1 Pro has an industry-leading media engine to accelerate video processing while using very little power. Also, the ProRes enables M1 Pro to play multiple streams of 4K and 8K ProRes video with less power consumption. The complete list of M1 pro features is shown in below infographic.

Infographic - Apple M1 Pro Chip
M1 Pro features all-in-one

Johny stated, “I’m also thrilled to announce the M1 Max, which is taking M1 Pro’s capabilities to new heights”.

According to Johny, the memory bandwidth is 400 Gigabytes per second memory bandwidth in M1 Max. That’s twice of M1 Pro and six times M1. Moreover, M1 Max has a 10-core CPU complex, 32 core GPU, and that’s four-time faster than M1. Furthermore, M1 Pro and M1 max have higher performance at every power level than the latest 8-core PC laptop chip. At the peak, they deliver 1.7 times the performance of PC chips in the same power envelope.

The whole new era of technology started with the new M1 pro and M1 Max chips. Here are some additional pieces of information on the M1 Max chip

Apple M1 Max Features - infographic
Apple M1 Max features all-in-one



Craig Federighi, SVP, Software Engineering, stated, “these new chips are phenomenal. By designing macOS for our own silicon, we can take the experience of using a Mac to a whole new level.”

As per the expertise in Apple Inc, apps and macOS are optimized to take the best from hardware and deliver the ultimate performance experience to the users. Also, macOS is designed to take the maximum advantage of the unified memory architecture of new chips, so apps can manipulate huge images and videos and move them between CPU and GPU with zero copies for breathtaking performance.

The core ML optimizations help to perform some M1 models 20 times faster in the new macOS. Also, macOS has Rosetta 2, enabling Intel-based apps – even pro apps with plugins – to run super smoothly without missing a beat.

Craig announced the launching of exciting updates in Logic Pro, enabling musicians to create massive spatial audio mixes on a notebook, Final Cur Pro, with a new object tracking feature five times faster. And in Compressor, ProRes video transcode is ten times more quickly.


MacBook Pro


John Ternus SVP, hardware Engineering, stated, “the new MacBook Pro is a combination of groundbreaking performance with amazing battery life, extraordinary display quality, and advanced connectivity.” The MacBook Pro comes in two sizes. 16 0 inch model and, for the first time, a compact yet immensely powerful 14-inch model.

As per the announced new MacBook Pro designed with a new aluminum enclosure with 50% more air circulation even lower fan speed.

Shruthi Haldea, Mac Product Line Manager, states that MacBook Pro’s full-height function row on the magic keyboard is value by customers and physical keys replaces the touch bar.

Also, the MacBook Pro has more advanced connectivity with three Thunderbolt 4 ports, one HDMI port, and one SD card slot. The MacBook pro has MagSafe coming back with the MacBook Pro for more power in the system. However, you can still charge the device with thunderbolt 4.

With M1 Pro, you can connect up to 2 pro display XDRs. And with M1 Max, you can connect up to three XDRs and a 4K Tv at the same time. That’s over 75 million pixels of on-screen real estate.

According to Kate Bergeron, VP, Product Design, the new Macbook Pro’s retina display brings you to an entirely new level. MacBook Pro has a 24% thinner border on sides and a 60% thinner top border, enabling more screen real estate.

16-Inch MacBook Pro has 7.7 million pixels, and the 14-inch model has 5.9 million pixels. The refresh rate is up to 120Hz. Also, ProMotion automatically adopts the motion of your content and helps to save battery life. Also, for the first time, the display of the MacBook Pro is build with Liquide Retina XDR. With the 1080p camera, you can experience a far better quality camera with crystal clear recording even at night.

The new sound system also supports spatial audio. The 16-inch model has a six-speaker system with two tweeters and four force-canceling woofers. The speaker setup allows 80% more base than the previous models.

There is plenty new on the MacBook pro. Also, the performance is far better than the existing Mac versions and the industry-lead other laptop brands. The MacBook Pro is engraved with M1Pro and M1 Max to give a better user experience than some PCs.

Apple MacBook Pro features all-in-one
Apple MacBook Pro features all-in-one

In conclusion, the whole new Mac era is coming, and hope this article will help with the necessary information to decide to move with new Mac devices and services. So, we would like to know your ideas for Apple Event in October 2021.