Apple iPhone 13: everything you needed to know 

Apple iPhone 13: everything you needed to know 

Apple iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max were unveiled on September 14. You can pre-order now through leading carriers. This article will help discover the exciting features of new models and where to pick up the best deals.  

At the Apple event held on September 14, Apple revealed the upcoming and most promising Apple product of the year, the Apple iPhone 13 series. Not only iPhone but also upgraded 10.2-inch Apple iPad, new iPad mini and Apple Watch Series  7.

All-new Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13  Pro Max 

iPhone 13 release was confirmed at the Apple event held on September 14, 2021.  Now you can pre-order Apple iPhone 13, starting from Friday, September 17. In  2021, Apple phones come with unbeatable features as promised. A new comprehensive and ultra-wide camera setup will let you capture incredible scenes even in low light levels.  

The Apple iPhone promises that you can capture cinematographic scenes, edit and deliver in high-res as professional filmmaking cameras. In addition, iPhone 13 can shift your camera’s focus while shooting and after the shooting for the first time.  

With tons of newly added features in the camera, the Apple iPhone 13 powered by A 15 Bionic chipset and six-core GPU ensure better performance. 

Let see how much you have to spend to grab all these terrific features !! 

How Much Apple iPhone 13 Cost? 

The cost of the iPhone 13 depends on the model you decide to purchase. The price variation is given below in the chart.  

The prices mentioned here are without carrier discounts.

Model  128GB of storage  256GB of storage  512GB of storage  1TB of storage
iPhone 13 Mini  $729  $829  $1,029  N/A
iPhone 13  $829  $929  $1,129  N/A


iPhone 13 Pro  $999  $1,099  $1,299  $1,499
iPhone 13 Pro Max  $1,099  $1,199  $1,399  $1,599

You can also have carrier discounts by trade-in your old Apple versions to dealers.  Here are some best deals and promotions offered by popular retailers.  

AT & T 

AT & T gives $1,000 off on the Apple iPhone 13 on 36 months installment plan. So all you have to do is trade in an eligible smartphone, buy your iPhone 13 in an installment plan, and pay tax on the total retail price as an upfront. Also, you have to pay a $30 activation fee and buy a monthly voice and data package worth $75  minimum per month.  

Sprint | T Mobile 

As you know, Sprint is now t Mobile, bought the business of Sroint recently by T  Mobiel. Here we mentioned both names to identify both companies quickly!! 

T Mobile offers you one of the best deals among mobile retailers.  

When you decide to purchase iPhone 13 from T Mobile, they offer you a plan called  “Forever Upgrade.” You will get up to an $800 discount depending on the model you trade in. the program goes with a monthly credit bill for twenty-four months. However, as a  previous offer, you have to pay the retail tax upfront.  

The best part of the deal is that after 24 months over, you are guaranteed an $800  trade-in value for your iPhone 13.


Verison’s deal is limited to Apple iPhone 13 Pro 128 Gb model. You can get an almost free iPhone 13 with a selected trade-in model. You have to choose an unlimited data plan. Even you bring a number from a different carrier, Verizon offers $500 off for your new purchase.  

So, it’s your call to buy an Apple iPhone 13 with one of these carriers!!

The Apple iPhone full Specs

We have mentioned essential Apple iPhone specs in the above table. Below here,  some of the unique features further explained for make your decision wisely. 

Design of the iPhone 13 

In iPhone 13, the notch size was reduced by 20% compared to the previous version. It will let you experience more screen real estate of the super Retina XDR  display.  

On the backside, cameras are positioned slightly differently than the previous version of the Apple iPhone. Both iPhone mini and iPhone have a diagonal structure in camera position. 

The Apple iPhone has super durability with the ceramic shield in the cover. This allows you to use your phone almost everywhere as you wish. The water-resistant level remains as IP 68. 

iPhone 13 Display 

As announced, iPhone models have three sizes of displays. iPhone mini has a 5.4- inch display, while both Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro versions have a 6.1- inch display. Like Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch collection.  

iPhone display is empowered by Super Retina XDR OLED display. Both non-pro models can out 800 nits in maximum usage, and both Pro models can out 1,000  nits at the top level.

Both Pro models are equipped with ProMotion displays with a 10Hz to 120Hz  refresh rate. In other words, your phone will adapt to what you see now and adjust the refresh rate while reducing power consumption through screen time.  

Apple iPhone Camera 

As promised, Apple added remarkable upgrades to the iPhone 13. Both Non-Pro models have 12MP ultrawide lenses where let 47% more light. The primary 12MP  camera has sensor-shift optical image stabilization, which is limited to iPhone 12  

Pro model.

Pro models get the ultra-wide autofocus and a new telephoto camera with three times optical zoom to capture even close-ups in the iPhone. In addition, you can discover a  new macro world with the ultra-wide camera.  

All three models have Cinematic Mode. This feature allows you to have professional-grade cinematography with Dolby Vision HDR. This effect claims to shift the focus of the subject you capture. When the direction is changed, the focus subject also changes automatically. 

128GB Pro models support 1080p ProRes video formats, and higher versions allow you to enjoy 4K video. 

Apple iPhone 13 Performance 

All four models have A15 Bionic system-on-chip, the most advanced chip of Apple history. The chip is built on xis cores, and out of six, two of them are high-end cores. The remaining four seats are more effective than the previous ones. 

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini has quad-core GPU, optimized to the maximum level for gaming and photography. According to Apple, it is 30% faster than any given android phone.  

Both Pro models have much bigger GPU with five cores. Apple claims the Pro model GPU is the most powerful GPU built ever. According to Apple, it is 50%  faster than any given mobile phone GPU. 

According to t the Geekbench Browser, iPhone 13 scored 1,734 in the single-core test and 4,818 in the multi-core test. Even Galaxy S21 Ultra scored just 1,123 and  3,440 respectively with Snapdragon 888 chip. 

iPhone Battery life and Charging 

Apple claims iPhone 13 Pro max remains two and half hours than its predecessor. However, comparing to the previous models, iPhone 13 Mini increased its battery life by 9%,  iPhone 13 by 15.1%, iPhone Pro by 11%, and iPhone Pro Max by 18.5%. 

iPhone 13 Outlook for 2021 

As we all waited, Apple iPhone 13 will release by this month, and now you can place your pre-orders. With captioned added features in the camera, battery life,  performance, and GPU, we hope Apple iPhone 13 will give you a mind-blowing experience.