Apple Watch Series 7: Open up new ideas with the biggest Apple Watch Screen

Apple Watch Series 7: Open up new ideas with the biggest Apple Watch Screen

The new Apple Watch Series 7 was announced on September 14 at the Apple event and released on October 15. Usually, Apple announces and releases Apple Watch every September. So, there is no reason to say that the Apple Watch 8 series will not come by next year. Until then, here is why ” Why you should buy an Apple Watch Series 7”.

Apple Watch Series 7: an overview

Apple Watch Series 7 has the largest and most advanced display ever in the Apple Watch Series. Also, it is named the most durable watch in the Apple series. The New Apple Watch Series 7 has a complete set of app to track your health condition instantly. Moreover, the watch is charging 33% faster than the previous models. The new series comes in five colors to match your preferences.

So let’s dig deeper and discover what’s new:

Apple Watch Series 7: the most giant screen ever

New Apple Watch 7 has the giant screen ever within the watch series. The screen is about 20 percent more screen area and a 40 percent thinner border as just 1.7 mm than the previous version and 50 percent more screen area than the series 3. Apple Watch Series 7 is coming in two sizes, 41mm and 45mm. With the innovative design, screen real estate is enhanced to maximum level while changing minimal change to the overall case size.

Apple Watch Series 7 size comparison
Apple Watch Series 5 in left, 6 in middle, and 7 in right

Always-On Display

Like Apple watch series 5 & Series 6, Apple Series 7 screen is made with OLED ultra low power temperature poly-silicon and oxide display (LTPO). The screen is had always-on functionality. This functionality is allowed to display the watch face and other information continuously visible, and scree will no longer go back when the watch is not in use.

The display goes dim when the wrist is down. And when you touch the face screen or raise your hand, the show will go back to full brightness. To minimize the battery drain, Apple optimized the watch faces. Also, the display has a variable refresh rate ranging from 60Hz to 1Hz, depending on the content on the screen.

Series 7 is optimized to its maximum level to get the full benefits of a larger display. The screen comes with two additional larger font sizes, a more extensive menu, and a title bar. Also, there is a new QWERTY keyboard that can be tapped or swiped with QuickPath. It is also using machine learning to predict what you are typing.

In addition to that, there are two new watch faces, come with Series 7. Contour face is moving the dial of the watch right to the end of the display. Modular Duo face is accommodated with two larger center complications.

Apple Series 7 – Most durable apple watch

Apple Series 7 is made with the most robust geometry and redesigned with crystal components.  Series 7 watch is 50 percent thicker than the previous versions and has more resistant to crack. Aluminum mode s feature  Ion-X glass to protect the display. And the stainless steel and titanium modes use sapphire crystal glasses. Sapphire crystal glass is more scratch-resistant than Ion-X glass.

In addition to that, the Series 7 watch has the certification of IP6X dust resistance. This feature allows using of Apple phones in more complex and challenging environments like beaches or the desert. Thanks to enhanced seals and adhesives, you can wear the Apple Watch and dive up to 50 meters deep.

Enhanced Health features with Apple Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 offers the same health features as Series 6 with enhanced accuracy. The second-generation optical heart sensor is calculated metrics like calorie burn, resting heart rate, low and high heart rate. Also, the watch is featured with functions to detect low or high heart rate, abnormal heart rate and send notifications when strange situations are noticed.

Check your regular health status
Check your health status instantly with Apple Watch Series 7

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Monitoring blood oxygen levels becomes a critical fact during the near past due to the Covid -19 pandemic. People use portable blood oxygen meters since the Covid -19 is a high effect on blood oxygen levels. However, suppose you have an Apple watch series 7. In that case, you do not have to worry abo searching for devices to measure the blood oxygen level. Your Apple Watch will detect if anything abnormal and indicate if your attention is needed.


You can just take an ECG with your Apple Phone by just touching Digital Crown for 30 seconds. Electrodes built in the Digital crown and back crystal is work together with the ECG app in your Series 7 watch to read your heart’s electrical signals. The ECG report generated with the Apple Watch is similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. For example, the ECG app can detect whether your heart shows atrial fibrillation -and irregular heart rate- of sinus rhythm -regular heart rate- and make a notification to get immediate attention.

What happens if you sleep by wearing Apple Watch Series 7

Your Apple Watch 7 can track your sleep habits when you wear it at night. The data provided by the app can say how long you slept well. Also, it helps to create a schedule and bedtime routine to set your sleep goals. In addition to that, check your repository rate while you are sleeping and say how refreshing. So, these features come with a Series 7 watch that makes your busy lifestyle easy and well monitored.

Do your Fitness with Apple Watch Series 7

You can tap into dozens of workouts with your Watch Series 7. The sensors and apps help to track all the ways you move. Moreover, with the Apple Fitness+ service, You can continue your workouts anywhere, anytime. The Fitness + will introduce group workouts with SharePlay as well later this fall. In addition, personal metrics can share with your Apple iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Activity rings of the fitness app will show how much you move, exercise, and stand. Also, you can share the activity rind and invite friends to compete with you for a seven-day challenge.  Squat, serve, stride, and many more workouts can do with the Apple Watch. It also has Tai Chi and Pilates to get your endorphins going. You can start any fitness activity with your wrist.

Moreover, the Apple watch is automatically detected when you are paddling. And keep reminding yourself to work out. Also, the look has fall detection functionality. So, if you take a hard spill, you can call for emergency help.

Track your fitness with Apple Watch Series 7
Track your Fitness with Apple Watch Series 7

Battery and Charging

Fast–charging USB-C cable will take about 45 minutes to charge from absolute zero to 80 percent. Also, the watch will track up to 8 hours of sleep tracking. Apple Series 7 is charging 33% faster than Series 6.

Series 7 promises an all-day 18-hour battery life in a single charge. All-day battery life includes 90-time checks, 90 notifications, 45 use of app services, and 60 min workout with music playback via Bluetooth.  Also, there are 4 hours of LTE connection and 14 hours of iPhone connection.


Apple Watch is equipped with an Apple-designed W3 chip, and there are two variables available. GPS and GPS + Cellular. GPS + Cellular model is built with an LTE chip and can connect to LTE without iPhone while GPS models can use Wifi only.

Apple Watch with LTE connection is untethered with the iPhone. Therefore, it does not require an iPhone or Wifi network to connect internet.

However, the watch is still not completely independent from the iPhone because LTE connectivity via a carrier requires Apple Watch and iPhone 6s of higher one to share the cellular plan.

Family Set-up

Apple watches series 7 have a Family set-up that connects your family member, especially kids who do not have their own iPhones. So, everyone can stay in touch with the Apple Watch. Kids can send texts, make calls, ask Siri questions, and even get their petty cash with Apple Cash Family. Moreover, everyone can share location with Find People App. So you can be alerted when kids and the rest of the family members get home or not when they are expected to be there.


Another cool feature of the Apple Watch Series 7 is colorful bands that can change as your desire. Available brands include Sport Band, Sport Loop, Milanese Loop, Modern Buckel, Leather Link, Solo Loop, and Braided Solo Loop.

How to get You Apple Watch Series 7

So, by reading down lo here, we know that you are impressed with the cool and advanced features of the Apple WatchSeries 7. You can pre-order Apple Watch from Friday,  October 8, and it will launch Friday, October 15. Sometimes there will be a delay in delivering to you since there is huge traffic expected.

The price of the Apple Watch Series 7 varies from $399 to $ have announced price tags;

  • 41mm Aluminum No LTE – $399
  • 41 mm Aluminium LTE – $499
  • 45mm Aluminium Non-LTE – $429
  • 45mm Aluminium LTE – $529
  • 41mm Stainless Steel (LTE only) – $699
  • 45mm Stainless Steel (LTE only) $849
  • 41mm Titanium (LTE) only – $799
  • 45mm Titanium (LTE) only -$849

also, please note these price tags can be various based on your location. Additionally, Apple offer refurbished versions of the Apple Watch, and there are also trade-in offers.

So we hope you did enjoy the reading and grabbed some interesting news on Apple Watch Series 7. We like to share our valuable ideas and experience on Apple Watch Series 7.