Best Android Emulator for Windows 7/8/10 | 2017


Using Android in your Operating System like Windows, Linux & MAC is the new way to Test android Apps in Virtual Environment. Emulators are usually allow users to use same Functionalities as the real Android environment. In which there is no concern with your hardware. you can perform test and experiment by installing android emulators in your windows. Most of Android Developers use android emulators to test android app in their operating system before using in their android device. There are many best free android emulator for windows available on internet So, don’t worry we have a sorted list of┬áBest Free Android Emulator for Windows 2017. you can choose your desired one and install in your windows operating system.

Many people don’t have android devices or smartphones so they use android emulators in their computers So, It is also the reason of trending the android emulators.

Bluestacks 2 : Best Free Android Emulator

Bluestacks 2 : Best Free Android Emulator
Bluestacks 2: Best Free Android Emulator

Bluestacks 2 is one of the best free android emulators on the internet at that time and have approx. 130 Million download on the Internet. Bluestacks allow users to access the real environment of android Operating system. It includes cool features like hardware acceleration and you can also play High graphics games in this android emulator. Blue tracks is one the known name in the android emulator from previous five years. If you have a good configuration desktop or laptop you definitely need to use this android emulator. Currently, bluestacks release their second version of blue sticks 2. It includes multi-screen features that you can play multiple games in blue stacks and easily switch between two tabs.

Features of Bluestacks 2:

  • Each app/game launches in a new tab, switch between apps easily.
  • Stream and watch youtube videos while your use another apps and game sessions are in progress.
  • Resize the screen by dragging window corners.
  • Back Button Feature.
  • Increased/Doubled Storage Space.

GenyMotion: Best Free Android Emulator

GenyMotion : Best Free Android Emulator
GenyMotion: Best Free Android Emulator

GenyMotion is also the best android emulator because it also offers android environment like Bluestacks so these programs deserve to include in the list of best android emulators. You can perform any test or research on an android app in GenyMotion. Most of the developers use android emulators to test android apps before installing on their android device. GenyMotion is faster than Bluestacks and built on x86 architecture.

Features of GenyMotion:

  • Genymotion is mainly built for testing Android apps, it will be very helpful if you are an Android application developer.
  • You can copy any text from your windows PC into the emulator and vice-versa.
  • You can install apps using command prompt and also by drag and drop.

Android: Android Emulator for PC

Andyroid : Android Emulator for PC
Andyroid: Android Emulator for PC

Andydroid is also like another emulator and has most of the same features as we seen previous. Andyroid is available for both MAC and windows you can run all most popular android apps on andyroid easily just install and play your Android app and game. You can also check out the list of android apps on cnet that available to run in andyroid. It can show the most popular android apps that use to easily run on andyroid.

Features of Andyroid :

  • The best feature of Andyroid Emulator is you can install any application through your desktop browser.
  • To install Android Android Emulator you should have installed a Virtual box in your computer.
  • Andyroid Emulator is mainly designed for playing Android games on windows big screen. If you love to play android games then you can try this emulator.

YouWave for Android: Android Emulator

YouWave for Android : Android Emulator
YouWave for Android: Android Emulator

YouWave is the most popular android emulator used by Individuals. It is very simple and no need for hardware acceleration. You need to just install an android app and use in YouWave for android. you can run lite apps in you wave but sometimes it is not able to play high graphics apps and games. it can also run in Minimum RAM memory so that’s why most of the people use this rather than Bluestacks. If you are going to run some lite android apps so you definitely need to install YouWave for android because it can run all types of lite apps.

Features of YouWave for Android:

  • YouWave will show all the apps in a selected directory as shown in the above image. So, you can download all the apps and games to your computer and can install them by browsing all the applications.
  • YouWave only supports for Windows XP and Windows 7 computers.


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