Download Candy Crush Saga Hack / Mod Apk l 2017


Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk – Candy crush saga is a most popular and demanding application. Candy crush saga is a match three puzzle game which released on 12.April.2012 for Facebook By King and 14 Nov 2012 is officially realised for other versions of IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Window 10.Candy Crush Saga MOD Apk

Candy crush saga is free to play for all user but some item have required to payment but it’s optional. In this game, you have to match three same candies which are must require and there is the lot for more candies feature means When you matching a combination of 4 or 5 in certain formation it converts in “Striped” candy or “Wrapped” candy. “Striped” Candy clean either an entire row or column and a “Wrapped” candy behave like a bomb it clearing the 8 surrounding candies and falling down and again exploding one more time. When you create matching combination of 5 candy then it gives you a “Color Bomb” which clear all candies with the same colour of the one it is matched with. If you matched special candies together it making varying effects like If you match “Color Bomb” with “Striped” candy then all the candy of “striped” colour convert into “striped” candies, which are detonated immediately. If you have Two “Colour Bomb” and you match both then it clear your all candies.

Features of Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk:

  1. You have Leaderboards to watch your Facebook friends.
  2. Open Tasty Atmosphere and meet the sweetest characters.
  3. You also have Wrapped and striped candies, colour bombs and magic booster
  4. Get or unlock Dreamworld to pass level 50
  5. Easy to sync the game between devices and unlock full game feature
  6. Awesome Adventurous level and unlock treats
  7. You have hundred plus sweet levels in candy kingdom
  8. Chase your target score, Limited moves, Drop Down Mode and Order Mode

Candy Crush Saga Mod 2017

  • If you already have candy crush but the previous version so please uninstall first.
  • Download the candy crush saga Mod app and install on your phone. you can install in both memories internal or external it would work perfectly.
  • When you install you must check the file format .apk below we give steps to install candy crush saga mod app.

Download Candy Crush Saga Apk

Steps to install Candy crush saga mod ask :

  1. Go to your Phone setting then click security option and scroll down and see Unknown sources option is “checked” or “unchecked”. If it “Unchecked” so you can check it.
  2. Now go to Google Play Store and search Candy Crush Saga. and you also click on below link which we provide you.
  3. Candy crush saga mod app
  4. Download and install it. The installation done will be less than one minute.
  5. After Installation you can log in to Facebook first. It helps you in future. when you change or install it again for some kind of reason. This option gives you same level where you left.


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