Did Hacktivist Group Anonymous Take Down Minneapolis PD Website?

Did Hacktivist Group Anonymous Take Down Minneapolis PD Website?

In light of the recent unfortunate death of Black American George Floyd in the hands of and Minneapolis PD officer Derek Chauvin the infamous hacker group “Anonymous” has hacked Minneapolis PD website to show their support for the protesters. Web sites of the Police Department and the City were temporarily not responding on Saturday as the protesters rally against the violence aimed at black Americans.

Following Sunday morning sometimes the website visitors are asked to provide with captcha codes, a tool USD to indentify Hacker bots that attempts to overwhelm pages with automated requests until they stop responding. On May 28, they have posted a video through an unverified Facebook account belong to the hackers , a guy wearing a Guy Gawker mask, which it’s a famous mask previously used by the same group. They concluded video with s threatening massage saying

“We don’t not trust your corrupt organization to carry out justice, so we will be exposing your many friends to the world, WWE are a legion, except us” This viral gone video has claimed more than 2.3 millions views within the weekend.

@YourAnonNews via Facebook |end of transcript of the video

Same hackers have infiltrated the Chicago police Radios and scanners to played NWS s’ 1988, hit song on last week Saturday. Later on the 31st Sunday they claimed the credit for all the attacks on their Twitter account.

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