Everything you should know about google’s next big update (Android 12 – Snow Cone)

Everything you should know about google’s next big update (Android 12 – Snow Cone)

What is Android 12?

Here is Google’s next big updates complete review of everything you should know about Android 12. This android is currently the most popular and usual smartphone operating system in the world and next generation. And as the result, even the smallest changes in the operating system affect millions of android users, But it is debatable whether these changes really make a difference because of the way Android updates are delivered. 

And also we are always looking forward to the next big Android update in the hope that it will make a significant difference and of course, it is also the first developer preview for the next major update, Android 12 is just around the corner and will bring a lot of improvements, as well as here is all we know about Android 23 so far. Let’s see more…

What is Google’s next big update (Android 12)
Google’s next big update (Android 12)

When is the Android 12 Release date?

The release date of Android 12 is yet to be released and the official release date has not been confirmed by Google at this time. However, the developer preview will probably launch on February 17th of 2021. And also that is we will definitely update the article with the official timeline when Google releases it.

New features of Android 12

  • Ul Refresh
  • Widget changes
  • Scrolling screenshots
  • Anti-tracking
  • Expended theming system
  • Restricted networking mode
  • App Paris with better split-screen multitasking
  • Decoupled emojis
  • Ultra-Wideband API
  • Game controller with rumble support
  • Ease of use for third-party app stores
  • Wireguard VPN support in the Linux kernel


What is Android Developer Preview?

Let’s see what is the Android developer preview, Android 12 beta as mentioned above after the release of the developer preview we will be accessing the Android 12 beta releases. The first is expected in May or June this year. These releases will be further polished and we hope they will give us a fair idea of what the final operating release will look like there may also be minor releases in beta to fix critical bug fixes, 

And also during this time we are starting to see releases for new devices outside of the google pixel line we support, As OEMs begin migrating to the beta version of their UX Android 12 and have their own “preview “ programs. Recruitment will start. However, these releases may be lagging behind the versions of google pixel and again bugs in this preview programs should be expected and are recommended only for developers and advanced users.

Android 12 specification in video

Officially will provide updates for these devices by google

  • First one is  Pixel 3 / 3a / 3 XL / 3a XL
  • Second one is Pixel 4 / 4a / 4a 5G
  • Final3rd Pixel 5

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