Fake Malware Displays BSOD to sell Phony Windows Anti-virus


Security specialists have found another strain of malware that shows the phony Blue Screen of Death and traps a panicky client into purchasing fraud Windows antivirus programming. Explores at Malwarebytes, the malware called “Troubleshooter” taints a focused on the gadget and showcases the notorious, nerve-rattling BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) to clients.

Image Credits: metop.co

Technical support con artists are utilizing counterfeit blue screen of death (BSOD) messages and a fake ‘Troubleshooter for Windows’ application to hoodwink casualties into paying $25 for security programming they needn’t bother with.

Malware Displays Fake BSOD

For this situation, the tricksters are endeavoring to offer a gathered Microsoft security item called ‘Windows Defender Essentials’. The trick joins the names of two genuine hostile to malware applications from Microsoft: Windows Defender and Security Essentials

Programmers generally utilize malware to swipe individual and budgetary information, hold records for payoff or keep an eye on clients. Be that as it may, this one prompts clients to buy a fake Microsoft security apparatus called ‘Windows Defender Essentials’ for $25 (£18.56) by means of PayPal to clear up the issue.

The name of the indicated security programming is really a mix of two honest to goodness items from Microsoft – Windows Defender and Security Essentials.

The malware likewise impairs short keys, for example, “Ctrl-Alt-Del” to keep clients from shutting the fly down the window. Should a client endeavor to do as such, clients are met with another popup that peruses: “The application was not able to begin effectively (0xc0000142). Snap OK to close the application.”

As per Malwarebytes specialist Pieter Arntz, the Troubleshooter application is being disseminated through a broken programming installer.

As opposed to investigating, the application shows a lie that, “Windows has experienced a surprising blunder” and claims the PC is “missing .dll registry documents bringing about PC disappointment”. It urges casualties to “Snap Next” to analyze and investigate the issue.

Regularly, a malware a contamination winds up in the theft of data, monitoring records data for payoff or clients being kept an eye on however this one requests that clients purchase a planned Microsoft wellbeing item alluded to as ‘Home windows Defender Necessities’ for $25 through PayPal. The recognition of this item is an aftereffect of joining two correct stock from Microsoft together with Microsoft: Home windows Defender and Safety Necessities.

The malware also debilitates various alternate way enters all together that clients can’t close Home windows for example Ctrl-Alt-Del. In any case, when a purchaser can pay $25 for expected secure they’re diverted to some other page that introductions the printed content “thankuhitechnovation” and ends itself influencing the customer to envision that the issue has been illuminated.


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