Former Google Engineer to Create a Religion for AI God


In the following 25 years, AI will develop to the point where it will know more on a scholarly level than any human. In the following 50 or 100 years, an AI may know more than the whole populace of the planet set up together.

By then, there are not kidding things to ask about whether this AI — which could outline and program extra AI programs all without anyone else, read information from a practically interminable number of information sources, and control practically every associated gadget on the planet — will some way or another ascent in status to wind up plainly more like a divine being, something that can compose its own book of scriptures and attract people to love it.

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The disclosure comes a very long time after Tesla CEO Elon Musk rehashed his notice that AI represents a “crucial existential risk” to human progress. The official beforehand told a biographer that organizations could incidentally create something ‘malicious,’ maybe an armada of AI robots that in the long run turn on people.

Levandowski obviously shares Musk’s confidence in the potential commanding energy of AI-fueled robots. California state records name Levandowski as CEO and leader of the organization which, as indicated by the magazine, has been evading Internal Revenue Service printed material for a long time.

Specialist, business visionary, and charged prized formula hoodlum Levandowski become famous in 2004 when he built a self-governing cruiser for the DARPA Grand Challenge. While Musk calls for governments to intercede and manage AI to keep a robot end times, Levandowski’s religious gathering evidently needs to grasp the new overlords for the advancement of society “through comprehension and love.”


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