Samsung Knows The Pandemic Changed Tech So Galaxy Phones Are Changing Too

Samsung Knows The Pandemic Changed Tech So Galaxy Phones Are Changing Too

 How Samsung knows the pandemic changed tech?

A lot of positive changes took place in the tech industry because of this Covid-19 virus. Among them, Samsung company is at a very good level. Because of the COVID-19 virus, we had to work, go to school, and communicate with society from home. So as a result, technology took on a new level of significance in our lifestyles. Even though the lockdowns are no longer in existence, the years we spent at our home in 2019 to 2020 provided Samsung company with several ideas on how to develop and increase the smartphone experience to the users. These insights will be revealed in One UI 4, (explained below in the article). One UI4 is Samsung’s next big software upgrade. It will be available on your android phone soon with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. This is why Samsung knows the pandemic changed tech so galaxy phones are changing too.

Hyesoon Sally Jeong, who is the vice president of Samsung and the head of framework research and innovations previously told CNET via a translator that, they examined the previous features and identified what was gaining greater usage as a result of the epidemic, and strengthened it. The new  Samsung update focused mostly on enhancing features like privacy and security, the convenience of use, personalization, and interaction.  Samsung recognized those features had become essential in the upcoming future. This is because people have started spending more time on their phones during the lockdown period. It’s another aspect of the bigger transformation in the technological field. Now, the companies began to design their products to facilitate the users with remote work and communication.

 Samsung One UI 4 software update

                        Samsung noted that because of this Covid-19, people in every age group have started using their smartphones more than before. So, from the new software update, Samsung aimed at the features like privacy, ease of use, and easy communication.

The most noticeable update in One UI 4 is the addition of personalization options for the home and lock screens. Beginning with the home screen, widgets have been changed with a new refreshing style.  Widgets are thinner and rounder, and certain icons, including the dual clock, automatically go from light to dark mode according to the time of day. Unlike Material You, these widgets are not adjusting their colors to the background. But who knows, that could also change in the near future. In regards to dark mode, Samsung made a little tweak for a better user interface. When in dark mode, menus, wallpaper, and some text fields are now slightly darkened.

Samsung has introduced a few new features to the keyboard, most notably more stickers and motion emojis. They can now be accessible with a single press on the keyboard. There is now support for further third-party connectivity; for example, Grammarly may now be incorporated to check spelling problems. When comparing with Android 12’s emphasis on privacy, One UI 4 now has a new privacy dashboard, including the option to view at a glance which applications have used specific permissions over the last seven days.

Some special features of Samsung’s new software updates 

  • The facility of recording audio and video during conference calls is one such feature in Samsung’s new upgrade. This facility is available in One UI 4 remote learning (also known as E-learning). The Samsung team say that they know their users would wish to record voice or video while interacting with their lecturers or classmates remotely. So as a result, teachers may also wish to record the audio or video conference. As they want to monitor the sessions they are teaching to the pupils, this feature is essential’’.
  • But probably the most significant shift that inspired Samsung’s strategy when developing One UI 4 was the increase in the period of time we have spent on our cellphones. According to new research published in the JAMA Pediatrics Journal, excluding virtual learning, screen use among teens more than quadrupled during the pandemic. So, with visual upgrades in One UI4, Samsung has made their smartphones comfortable to look at for long periods.  According to the head of Samsung’s core user group, in addition to visual design, they generated a couple of design-related decisions based on the primary idea of comfort.
  • The most important thing is, as screen time has risen, eye comfort and preventing eye fatigue have become more crucial than ever before. So, Samsung changed the interface of their software by lowering the number of colours in the user interface. They modify the text size and layout also. It also collaborated with Google to allow darker screen dimming than was previously achievable while using the phone in low-light situations.
  • There is Samsung’s emoji pair function, which allows users to send two emojis at once. This was also inspired by how much smartphone users rely on phones for communication and socializing in 2021.
  • Other than the changes listed above, One UI 4 also includes some unique features like a new privacy dashboard. There’s an opportunity to select whether or not to share your exact location with applications on your phone. Also, there are more standard widgets with rounded edges and additional colour palettes for customizing the phone’s theme.

When to update your phone to One UI 4?

The software is already available for the Galaxy S21 series. It will soon be accessible for earlier Galaxy S phones, Galaxy A phones, and also Samsung’s foldable devices and tablets. This new software upgrade from Samsung is only one illustration of the pandemic’s long-term influence on how Samsung company design and manufacture their products.

Samsung users can experience these new effects in Samsung’s upcoming software updates. One of its upcoming update’s standout features allows you to effortlessly enjoy movies and TV shows or listen to and download music with other devices. Such a feature would have been especially useful during the lockdown season when many people were looking for methods to arrange virtual movie evenings using Zoom. CES 2021 also demonstrated significant attempts of tech businesses like Samsung to create items that match the pandemic’s lifestyle changes. So, the new software update of Samsung is only one example to prove that, Samsung knows the pandemic changed tech and as a result, Galaxy phones are changing too.