Google Bug Bounty Program to Offer $1000 for Finding Bugs


Analysts and programmers here is an uplifting news for you. Google has quite recently discharged a bug abundance program after a long sit tight to find vulnerabilities in Android applications. Not all applications are shrouded in the recently propelled bug abundance program: just a couple of biggest and well-known application chose by Google, can be released by the specialist.

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Google propelled another program which is known as “Google Play Security Reward” and under this program, Google will pay programmers and specialists $1,000 for finding a glitch in the Android applications that will help Google to make Android people group more secure.

The Google Play Security Reward offers security scientists to work straightforwardly with Android application designers to discover and settle security issues in their applications, the specialists will get $1000 in rewards.

“The Google Play Security Reward Program perceives the commitments of security scientists who put their opportunity and exertion in helping us make applications on Google Play more secure. ” read a blog entry distributed by Google.

All Google’s applications are incorporated and designers of mainstream Android applications are welcome to select into the program. Intrigued engineers who aren’t as of now in the program ought to talk about it with their Google Play accomplice director. Through the program, we will additionally enhance application security which will profit engineers, Android clients, and the whole Google Play ecosystem.

“Until further notice, the degree is restricted to RCE (remote-code-execution) vulnerabilities and comparing POCs (Proof of ideas) that work on Android 4.4 gadgets and higher. This means any RCE powerlessness that enables an assailant to run code of their picking on a client’s gadget without client learning or authorization.”

This implies well-meaning programmers, likewise called white-cap, may have more opportunities to build up their aptitudes and still attempt to win cash legally. As per Google, if an analyst finds a defenselessness, he/she needs to report it to the engineer of the application. After the application is settled, the scientist needs to present the bug answer to Google Play Security Reward program.


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