How to Repair/Fix Corrupted SD Card for Android ?


If you are here to know how to fix corrupted SD card on android & windows. So you are in a right place where we show how to repair damaged sd card using cmd without formatting and then your SD card is read by android properly. Just go through the article and learn how to repair damaged sd card in android

Learn How to repair damaged sd card without formatting – We are in a modern era of information exchange where we need more and more devices to store our digital media and documents. These normally include images, songs, doc files, videos, etc. One of such devices is memory cards. Memory cards are popular because of their smaller size and durability. Repair Fix Corrupted SD Card for Android

Our new generation of memory cards provides better read/write speeds than ever. However, they aren’t much reliable as they get corrupted easily. You might also have dealt with a situation like this before where you accidentally got your card corrupted and now wondering how to fix corrupted sd card or you can say how to repair damaged sd card using cmd

There are several ways or tricks on how to fix corrupted sd card which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. SD cards are really sensitive, and there aren’t many options for this. Most of the cameras and other portable devices still depend on SD cards for their storage needs. Some of these are mobile phones, cameras, tablets, mp3 players etc.

Users also sometimes complain about the inaccessibility of data, corruption of data, etc. Whenever these SD cards get corrupted, all the data including any photos, videos or other digital files, all get vanished or becomes inaccessible. In this disastrous situation, the poor user is only left with the question – how to fix corrupted SD card? As all their important data is inside it. There are some working methods on how to fix corrupted SD card which we are going to discuss below. We hope you will find them useful in case you’re dealing with a corrupted card in future. repair sd card software

How To Fix Corrupted SD Card on Android

You might not know this, but memory cards have a limited lifespan. A single SD card unit can handle approximately 10,000 reads/write operations. So after 6000 cycles, the SD cards start slowing up and getting prone to corruption of data.

So to prevent any data loss, we recommend you to change any old SD cards with new ones. Below are some indications that your current SD card is corrupt and it needs a replacement. But you can learn how to repair damaged sd card without formatting

Indicators of Corrupted SD card

  1. Many photos which you saved on your SD card are missing.
  2. No folder and files appear when you try to connect the card to your computer. Sometimes you get the error message saying “read/write error” or “device not recognized error” which indicates that the card is corrupted.
  3. You are not able to access your media content and not able to copy the data to a secure location. You get continuously error messages when you try to access the data from your SD card.
  4. Constantly “write protected” message appears even if it is not.
  5. Your computer starts freezing up while accessing the data on SD card.

If you are dealing with above indications that means your SD card is corrupted. Now chances of saving that card are pretty low, but you can follow all these steps on how to fix corrupted SD card to fix it.

Ways to fix corrupted SD card or Memory Card

Below are some ways which will help you to fix corrupted memory card.

1. Connect SD card to other devices

Sometimes there’s a driver problem which results in error messages which make you think that your SD card is corrupted. But this can be easily fixed by plugging in the card into your friend’s PC. Just try to use the same card on multiple devices. If it shows that the card is corrupted and the data is not accessible, then you can move on to the second method.

2. Try Chkdsk

You can check the data of a memory device by this command. Simply type chkdsk followed by the drive letter of your device, and it will show you all the details whether the device’s partition is in reading/write condition or not.

3. Assign a new drive letter

This might look like a bogus solution to how to fix corrupted SD card. But the truth is that it works. Just go to device properties and change the drive letter corresponding to it. If it still doesn’t fix your problems then don’t worry, we have more methods.

4. Use Sandisk Inbuilt solution

Sandisk has an SD card utility tool which works on every kind of memory card. It will fix your SD card in mere seconds. All you have to do is to install the free software from SanDisk official site and rn it. It will automatically detect your SD card and will ask you whether to fix it or not.

5. Format your SD card

Most of the time formatting the device solves every problem, but it erases all the data inside it. So use this option as your last measure because it will delete all the data which resides on that SD card.

How To Repair A Corrupted SD Card or USB Flash Drive ? (VIDEO)

From Editor’s Desk

So, guys, these were some methods on how to fix corrupted sd card or memory card which will help you to fix your corrupted memory card and teach you how to repair damaged sd card using cmd. You can even try some data recovery software if there’s some sensitive or important data lying on that SD card.


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