How will the newly launched earbuds work and features in CES 2021?

How will the newly launched earbuds work and features in CES 2021?

How will the work of newly launched earbuds CES in


There is more special occasion for earbud users. Because there are newly launched earbuds in 2021. As you know Bluetooth earbuds are smart and easy to work with your smartphones. You can see more information under the following.

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Price of Mobvoi earbuds

These Bluetooth earbuds are easy to use without all the wires and they are considered to be the fastest and most powerful device that is spreading among the young generation as well as any kind of people. However, so far CES has released a large number of models this year 2021. And also Some are available from now on worldwide. Let’s see what those are and what the prices are along with their features about this special occasion for earbud users.

Types of newly launched earbuds

As well these are new stock available for 2021, Let’s see what are they

  • Mobvoi
  • Bose
  • Edifier
  • Jabra
  • ZTE


This is the first introduction of Mobvoi earbuds, this is based on a Chinese brand and it is probably the most comfortable situation for any kind of user. Mobvoi is based on the OS platform but it has also produced some impressive Airpod with alternatives. It is under the “Tripods” moniker, Also happy to hear this earbud now available for general sale with the following features.

  • Brand is Ticwatch 
  • Mobvoi has an independent connection with Bluetooth
  • 5.0 Dual-Mic Noise
  • Headphones are in Ear
  • The control type is Voice control
  • IPX5 water and sweatproof
  • Noise control is Active Noise Cancellation
  • Also can use sports workout and Gym etc
  • Powerful battery life is up to 50 hours to 10 hours with single-use
  • The starting price is $89.99

Video review of new Mobvoi earbud /special occasion for earbud users

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Bose is the best innovative earbud as you know. although initially with some bugs, But Now Now they’ve turned their full attention to the fitness market with your Bose Sports Open Earbuds. Also, Bose says these speakers don’t make a connection with your ear if you can feel with no leakage even high volume. Also, you can get clear music without any noise and traffic.

  • Connect with Bluetooth 5.1
  • Each buds weight  ounces 0.5 
  • Battery life is 8 hours per one charge
  • Available in the US 
  • Best buy – $199.00
  • IPX4 rated


Anyway, do you want to make sure everyone knows that you are definitely not wearing AirPods? Anyway, this is the best choice for you. Also, this is the first design for a pair of real wireless Airpods we have seen. Because it is totally clear without noise.

  • Starting price $99.00
  • Fully noise – canceling
  • IP54 rated
  • 15 charged in the case will recharge them for another 2 hours


Jabra is one of the best earbuds in the industry it has been at the forefront of the best true wireless earbuds and also whilst there was have not new model at CES, the company did announce new color variants at the show for their well-received Jabra Elite 85t ‘earbuds, especially it will do launched back in coming September it will be a special occasion for earbud users

  • Brand is Jabra
  • Model is Elite 85t true
  • Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth
  • Colors titanium black
  • Advanced Noise


According to market listings, These are the cheapest earbuds so far and unlike all other angs if offers more. And also the ENC is slightly different as it is designed to filter out ambient noise while maintaining continuous call clarity.

How to Buy?

Click the link to buy newly launched earbuds CES 2021 

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