iFunBox latest version for ios

iFunBox latest version for ios

iFunbox download for ios

What is iFunBox?

The iFunBox is the best free iPhone, iPad, and iPod general file management software. iFunBox is a simple app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch file system discovery and browsing. With iFunbox download for ios, iPhone data such as songs, applications, and ringtones can be freely handled with or without jailbreaking. 

iFunbox download for ios

iFunBox controls the file with the Windows file explorer in a manner that is more secure and convenient. You will easily forward files and folders to your computer with automatic file transfer and browsing.

It offers components such as a one-stop download and backup app, wallpaper feature, sandbox for Jailbreak-free access app, music upload for iPhone or iPod, and video and wallpaper features.iFunBox-Store divided into two modules: “Application Shop” and “Game Center,” iFunBox-Store may concentrate on your favorite games or may be interested in the field so that you can recommend more new, unusual, special content.

There are some outstanding items that could be challenging to show in front of the audience due to the small expense of advertisement and promotion, the app may find it difficult to view on front of the audience. It’s fun as well with iFunbox download for ios, trying to search for you one by one.

iFunBox Features

The iFunbox is a file and software storage application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It has made it easy to search, handle, and share information about your iPhone. There is much much to talk about iFunbox, and to give you a clearer understanding of the method, here’s an iFunbox description. Let’s a roll-up.

  • General Storage

In the “my device” or “toolbox” of iFunbox, there is a folder called “mobile hard disk” which supports files of any form and size.

  • Manage Multimedia File

Sports, images, audio, cell phone ringtones, video and voice memos, and multimedia files on your computer can definitely be handled through Speedy-function entry with iFunbox.

  • iOS file root method

The SpringBoard Desktop Theme can be modified to help you quickly get a jailbreak root file system for the iOS device that provides quick searching, instant file preview, and simple file scan.

  • USB Bridge

USB Tunneling maps TCP ports on iDevices to PCs, such as the iPhone USB Tunnel Kit, allowing the attachment of Windows applications to PCs to communicate with them.


The outstanding features of the iFunbox download for ios Data Manager make it an uncommon and suitable solution for popular applications. Advantages that make the app great include:

  1. Backup your iPhone without iTunes to a device. Free 100 percent feature.
  2. Show backup and limited restore anytime you like.
  3. One-click to move images from your iPhone to your device.
  4. Import and remove as many files without using iTunes as you want.
  5. iPhone patch to address trapped, malfunction, data loss-free mistakes.
  6. To use this management tool optimally, you don’t even have to jailbreak your computer.

iFunBox Download

Download iFunBox download for ios from www.ifunboxdownload.com completely free of charge. No need for payment, complete surveys or deals. IFunBox is also a stand-alone application that does not require installation. As an extremely powerful iPhone, iPad, and iPod file and software management tool, iFunbox helps you more easily track your iOS device. Just copy and go wherever.