Israeli defender “IRON DOME” has shot down more than 1,500 Palestinian missiles in the past 48 hours.

Israeli defender “IRON DOME” has shot down more than 1,500 Palestinian missiles in the past 48 hours.

            IRON DOME: Israel’s defender 

About 90% of the rockets fired by Hamas have been blocked by Israel’s IRON DOME

Israel's IRON DOME
Israel’s IRON DOME defend against Palestinian missiles

As the siren rang through the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon on Sunday afternoon. People abandoned their cars in the middle of the road and fled for their lives. A man hiding under a tree tried to comfort his young daughter.

“Don’t worry, it will be good, the IRON DOME will save us.”

As he speaks, air defense interceptor missiles from the Iron Dome explode into the intense blue skies. Six rockets fired by the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas into Ashkelon explode in the far white. The vast majority of incidents – 2,800 so far – have not caused any major damage since Hamas launched its rocket fire on Israel on Monday.

Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have killed 10 Israelis in the Gaza Strip
Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have killed 10 Israelis in the Gaza Strip

So far, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have killed 10 Israelis in the Gaza Strip. In response to these obstacles, about 188 Palestinians. Including 55 children, have killed since the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip began.

However, the number of casualties was not due to a lack of effort by Hamas.

Moti Hetsroni, a 77-year-old retiree from Ashkelon, said: “If it weren’t for the Iron Dome, all these rockets would have fallen on our heads. Rockets would have killed hundreds.

What is the Iron Dome?

Iron Dome : Launcher
Iron Dome: Launcher

Iron Dome is a very short range of V-Shore systems. As well as multiple operating systems that can provide rockets, artillery, mortar, and precision guidance such as aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

It is an all-weather system that can connect to several targets simultaneously. Iron Dome can be deployed across land and sea.

The system has designed to prevent and destroy short-range rockets. And also artillery shells fired from 4 km (2.5 miles) to 70 km (43 miles).

The project of the iron dome started in 2007. It became operational around 2011. Raphael Advanced Defense Systems Limited manufactured Iron Dome in 2011. It has been with the Israeli Air Force since 2011.

Elta developed the radar system. Its development accelerated after a series of rocket attacks on Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas in the 2000s. During the 2006 Lebanese war, about 4,000 rockets have fired into northern Israel. It killing about 44 Israeli civilians in retaliation. And also evacuating about 250,000 civilians after the system was developed.

Iron Dome is a mobile weather protection system In February 2007. Defense Minister Amir Peretz chose the IRON DOME as Israel’s defense against this short-range rocket threat. Raphael Advanced Security Systems have developed the $ 210 million systems. It operates in conjunction with the IDF.

How the Iron Dome Security System Works?

The Iron Dome battery has a war management control unit, three detections and tracking radar, and a vertical launch firing unit. Each with 20 interceptor missiles. The interceptor missile uses proximal fuses to detonate targeted warheads in the air. With David’s Sling and Arrow missile defense system, the Iron Sphere has deployed for medium and long-range threats.

It has three main systems that work together to provide a shield to the area in which it operates. It has radar detection and tracking, war management, and weapons control system (BMC), and missile firing unit to detect any threat. B.M.C. Basically the connection between the radar and the interceptor missile.

Dome Security System
Dome Security System

Multi-mission radar

It monitoring device, which can be called the most important part of this security system. It can use radar to accurately detect enemy attacks. And also, can identify the trajectory and target of an enemy rocket attack.

Control unit

This is done by passing the information obtained from the above-mentioned radar system to the controllers of the system. There are automatic attacks. There are members of the security forces. He monitors the process and able to control this automatic attack at any time.


This is the attack unit. According to the information, enemy attacks have neutralized and the control room instructs about the data provided by the radar system. All three of these systems work together to make this security system work.

This radar system is capable of aerial observation. It also has an advanced camera system (Real-time image generation, sky-scan, and zooming). It is capable of detecting an enemy attack within an area of ​​70 km.

Iron Dome :Tamir interceptor missile
Iron Dome: Tamir interceptor missile

The Dome defense system uses Tamir missiles to retaliate. They are designed to be easily oriented in any direction.
Another feature of a defense system is the ability to fully monitor the trajectory of an enemy rocket attack. According to the data provided, the radar is able to detect the location of the rocket in advance.

If there is a threat of an enemy rocket attack or if anyone is harmed. An anti-missile signal is issued. It destroys the enemy rocket in the air before it lands. But if the rocket lands on the harmless ground, then there will be no counterattack missiles.