Leaker reveals details of Xiaomi’s upcoming foldable phone.

Leaker reveals details of Xiaomi’s upcoming foldable phone.

Leaks: reveals info on Xiaomi’s future coming foldable phone.

Xiamio foldable phone
The Xiaomi Foldable Phone is a very flexible phone.

Xiaomi has unveiled its first foldable model. The Xiaomi mix Fold phone has a lot of offers. Furthermore, But Xiaomi’s next foldable phone is expecting to be releasing later this year. Some of its hardware information has been revealed by a credible leak. Most importantly they are presentation Xiamio Foldable phone are camera and shapeshift.

Xiaomi is one of the brands that is rumor to be launching a new folding smartphone at this time. As result, the Chinese leaked digital chat station has recently come up with a few things about it.

Leaks: upcoming new Xiamio’s Foldable phone.


A low-resolution selfie camera. Also, a quick display is believing to be among the upcoming Xiaomi foldable phone upgrades. Upgrades to the forthcoming Xiaomi foldable phone are saying to include an under-display selfie camera. It has faster displays.

The Mi Mx Fold has a 60Hz internal display and a 90Hz external display. But the upcoming phone is a rumor to increase the internal display’s refresh rate to 120Hz. The outside screen may still have a fresh refresh rate of 90Hz.

Foldable Shape

The latest Xiaomi foldable phone resembles the Mi Mix Fold in terms of form factor. According to a prior rumor, Samsung will make the phone’s main screen and CSOT will make the phone’s “accessory” screen. This speculated that instead of a tablet-sized device, we would see a clamshell folding in Xiamio foldable phone.


Recall the specifications of Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone.

  • Xiaomi has already revealed the technology behind its third-generation display camera. Images taken with a traditional selfie camera are capture by cameras below the screen.
  • The device includes a 108 MP primary camera, a liquid lens with 3x optical zoom. In addition extremely wide sensor.
  • The device’s cover display is a 6.52-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a brightness of 700 nits.
  • The device’s folding display is an 8.1-inch WQHD AMOLED panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz.
  • It also has a 13MP ultrawide lens with a 123-degree field.
  • The macro lens uses liquid lens technology, where light changes the focal length of the camera through a liquid.

 Shape and features on Xiaomi are foldable.

Xiamio Fold
The 8-inch large screen is for a state-of-the-art liquid lens camera in Xiamio foldable phone.

You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor. RAM up to 16GB and up to 512GB of storage. However, There is also a 5,020mAh battery that supports 67W turbocharging.

Xiaomi claims to have a “butterfly-like” cooling system. The thermal paste and graphite sheets feature a “micro airbag” structure. That promotes heat dissipation throughout the device in addition to the steam cooling chamber.

On the software front, Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 (based on Android 10) has a “Desktop Mode” that aims to increase productivity. when using the huge screen. Finally, the Fold provides a one-click Stealth Mode to help you relax.

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What is the release date of the Xiaomi phone? The latest Xiaomi mi release date is April 21, 2021. Users are increasingly using it on popular phones in recent times.

What is the latest price?xiaomi is still around 9,999 yuan ($ 1,520 / £ 1,100 / AU $ 2,000) .Sometimes the price changes.

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