Moving from Japan to the U.S.A.

Moving from Japan to the U.S.A.

Change is constant in life; in our diet, daily routine, jobs, preferences, place of residence, and so on. And rather than resenting change (unwilling changes), you should accept and move on with it. Relocating to another country (especially in another continent) can be quite onerous; from the emigration bureaucracies, housing, and language barriers to mundane things like making new friends, changing daily routines.  

Moving from Japan to the U.S. is a huge step considering that both countries contrast each other from language to social life, policies, and government. But with discipline, practice, and purpose you will have a smooth transition.

Here are useful tips that will help you to make your move to the U.S smooth.

  • Now is the best time to brush up on the English

Although there are other ethnic groups in the US, the English language is the official and most popular language in the country. In studies, work, our daily interactions, you need more than knowing a few phrases in English, plus it can be hard to find an American who speaks Japanese fluently. 

  • Make enough research/inquiry about the U.S 

Hollywood’s depiction of the country might not be enough information for your move to the U.S. It is better to make inquiries through foreign contacts or make a trip to the United States before the permanent move. 

  • Have a temporary place to stay

Having a family or friend to squat with for a while will come very helpful when house-hunting. Housing in America can be a little tricky, and you will need all the help and advice you can get like; good neighborhoods, perfect pricing, housing agents.

Take your time when looking for accommodation in the U.S; you don’t want to take residence in a flood-affected region.

  • Preparations for travel should commence early

Getting an America Visa is something of a white elephant (much like getting a Japanese visa), save for student visas, marriage work, or asylum. Therefore, you should start your visa application process earlier than when you plan to move from Japan. Also, having a family member in the U.S will be very helpful in obtaining your visa.

  • Move with all your documents and properties

When moving, make sure you don’t leave behind important documents like; birth certificates, international driver’s licenses you obtained in Japan, skill certificates, and other documents.

Also, don’t forget to settle all your debts, bills and redirect your mails before leaving Japan.  Your clothes and lighter possessions can go in your travel luggage, and you can transport heavier paraphernalia through freight ships.

  • Prepare and enjoy the change

To say that there are differences in the physical, social & cultural values between both countries is saying the least. For example, the foods in the two countries vary a whole lot (the Sushi in America might taste ‘distinct’ from the Japanese version), America uses left-hand driving unlike Japan, dressing styles differ, culture and routines, and many others.

Wrapping Up

Moving to the United States is a very thrilling experience; you will enjoy the beautiful climate, stable social and economic policies, and wonderful hobbies Americans indulge in their past times. You will ultimately enjoy the move and settle in no matter how difficult you may find it initially.