Netflix Will Release Their iOS Games Through The App Store

Netflix Will Release Their iOS Games Through The App Store

Netflix Will Release Their iOS Games

Netflix currently allows its users to play games within their app. However, this service was only accessible for Android users. An advertisement published by the Netflix company said that they had launched more than five games for android phones and tablets, but an iOS version would be released later. According to a recent report, Netflix games for iOS will be available through the App Store, which signifies the native Netflix app for iOS will not have fun like its android version. This is because Iphone’s app store regulations prevent Netflix from delivering games inside its video streaming app on the iPhone or iPad, according to Bloomberg’s Marki’s “Power On” newspaper. In addition, apple’s App Store standards prevent third-party apps from including games as part of the experience. This is also why Apple has been questioned for its approaches to cloud gaming services like Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming.

                                     So, the only method to provide Netflix games within an iOS app is to use a web app, just like what Facebook has done to give its iOS app users a wider variety of games. On the other hand, Netflix is believed to be considering overcoming the prohibition by providing individual games through the I phone’s App Store. Users will not have to pay for the games because they are included in the subscription, which means Apple will not receive any extra profit.

   Netflix Games will be available through apps that can be downloaded into your iPhone. This is just like how these games are provided on the Android play store, where you should have to download them from the Google Play Store, but you can access them from within Netflix’s main app via a dedicated tab.

How to play Netflix games on iOS

  1. First, open the Netflix app on your phone and log in to your account by giving your name and password. Netflix official website
  2. Scroll down to the required game tab/row of your Netflix app if you use an iPhone. You can navigate to the same place from the categories drop-down menu if you use a MacBook or Ipad.
  3. From that row/ tab, choose the game you are looking for and click on the “get the game” button.
  4. Then a confirmation message will appear on the screen asking to allow Netflix to download games from the app store. TapFinally, tap the “Allow” button.
  5. Choose your Netflix profile after installing the game by entering your pin.

These downloaded games are not running inside the Netflix app as you think; it only operates as a gateway to these games. After they have been taken from other platforms, these games are only available on Netflix. In addition, these downloaded games will use the default language you used in your Netflix account automatically.

Why are Netflix games on iOS different than Android?

Netflix also appears to be dealing with the consequences of Apple’s App Store regulations, which have stopped companies such as Microsoft and Google from directly providing their cloud gaming services. Because Apple wants each game to be submitted for examination and has specialized pages on the App Store, Microsoft and Google decided to release their cloud gaming services on iOS via web applications.

                        This technique is somewhat different than how Netflix offer their games on Android. In the Android app, Netflix provides the user a separate tab for mobile games. But the users won’t be able to play the games until they download the games. So, in Android, the users are directed to the play store from the Netflix app to download the game. After downloading the games from the play store, the user is allowed to play the game through the Netflix app as well as by touching the icon of the game in the home menu without going to the Netflix app too.

                       Netflix offers the game catalog for the iOS app, too, although the loading and playing of the game will be done independently. The game catalog will be available on Netflix’s iOS app, although loading and playing the game will be done separately. The game is still playable on Android using the Netflix app. As there is nothing different other than the company’s branding (logo) on the fun, this might affect Netflix’s approach of providing games on its platform.

Netflix games available in apple store

There are currently five Netflix games available in the play store, and you can download them by following the steps mentioned above.

  1. Stranger Things: 1984
  2. Stranger Things 3: The Game
  3. Shooting Hoops
  4. Teeter (Up)
  5. Card Blast

If you are a Netflix user with any Netflix plan, you don’t have to pay any extra cash for buying these games. They are included with your subscription, so you can enjoy them free of charge. The best thing about this is, other than the above-mentioned five games, Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, which costs $10 on Nintendo Switch and PC, will be available for free to iOS users.

Things you need to know before installing Netflix games on iOS

  • Requirements

As explained above, if you are willing to play Netflix games, you need to install them on your I phone or mac book first. For that, you need:

  • A compatible device like I pod or any I phone running iOS 15 or later.
  • Any Netflix plan has an active Netflix subscription.
  • A stable internet connection for downloading the desired games.
  • Enough storage space in the device for installing the games without interruptions. 


Before playing the Netflix games, you must be informed about the following benefits.

  • No adds
  • Also No need to make any extra payments to be done
  • No internet connection is required for playing the games.
  • Can have unlimited access to exclusive mobile games

But be informed that you can play these Netflix Games on your iPhones or iPad only if you have an adult Netflix profile.