New iMac 2021 release date, price & specs for M1 iMac redesign

New iMac 2021 release date, price & specs for M1 iMac redesign

How does the new iMac work for 2021?

We have heard the release of the new Apple silicon MacBook Pro 13-inch and  M1. The air and the Mac mini a lot of you though were disappointed not to see a new iMac 2021 incoming launch. So here are all the details about design and specs and of course the apple M1 iMac release date and price.

iMac 2021 Releasing date and Price
The New iMac 2021 release date, price & specs for the M1 iMac redesign

Releasing date and Price

In the 21.5-inch model, we expect an actual price decrease on the 21.5 inch 4k devices. As 4k panels are now cheaper to buy and having a fan as Mac and fewer parts inside would mean the M1 iMac could drop down by a fair bit in price. We predict there will be a 100 price decrease just like the MacBook air m1 had. The new starting price for the 4k M1 iMac 21.5 model would start at the USA $1399. Just a quick recap of when to expect new Macs over 2021. Lika Minshika believes the next match again the Apple silicon processor will be the MacBook Pro 16 inch and with macs are unlikely though to be updated until 2021. 

Apple past Designs of Mac

It is almost the same Apple will keep the same design for the first generation M1 Mac. Now the reason behind this is Apple loves to upgrade the specs in old design first before updating to a new design. From the history of Apple over 15 years it is shown, so Apple always does this, first before moving on to a new design. However, along with that new design it retains the same specs as the generation.

This means if we look at the latest Apple event. We got the new M1 iMac chipset and technology under the hood in the  MacBook Pro models stayed the same as the next generation of MacBook’s for example will get a whole new design but the same  M1 iMac specs that are in the current MacBook’s. Now will be in this new design. Apple has done this many times before.

Apple new iMac 2021

The new M1 iMac design in the future

The new M1 iMac design in the future. What we are most likely going to see here is most likely Apple will altogether drop their standard iMac and keep the 4k screen model instead. We have heard that the screen will also change in size. Also, there will be a 24-inch display as the standard smallest display M1 iMac in a new design. It’s also said the Bezels on this new design around the screen will be much thinner just like the 16 inch MacBook pro. On these new iMacs, there can be an external keyboard instead of an iMac. So it’ll be interesting to see in the future how Apple handles the security to unlock. Your M1 iMac and also make purchases. Other features that may potentially be added to the base.

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