PUBG Mobile Season 17 Released

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Released

 PUBG Mobile Season 17

Here is the new rolling out most important news for the gamers and more entertaining young generation, PUBG Mobile is a most famous leading game in the battle royal in the mobile platform, this game has been touched super heights and also has been smart and popular. Happily, PUBG Mobile Season 17 smart game arrived this past January 19th, also season 16 was updated on November 17th. Interesting points are these devs give in different new skins, outfits, game mode (Runic power) backpack, helmet fashion, and items in every latest season including 17 seasons.

PUBG Season 17
PUBG Mobile Season 17

Anyway, this article gives you the most important details you should know about the season 17 update in PUBG Mobile. The PUBG players’ rankings will get reset with the new completion of past season 16, As well season-end prizes were released on January 19th, They started grinding towards higher in-game ranks again following the new 17th season. Especially Royal Pass has two premium variants, 

  • Elite Pass 
  • Elite Pass Plus, 

Following each costing is  600 UC and 1800 UC. As well as, PUBG has an option of subscription on these passes.

PUBG Mobile Release time and date?

The RP section was locked for 24 hours after the end of the 16 season’s royal password and sports fans will not be able to enter the RP competition prize draw, However, the latest PUBG game season release is as mentioned above January 19th at 2 am. 

  • EST – 9:00 pm on 18th January
  • PST – 6:00 pm on 18th January
  • CST – 10:00 am on 19th January
  • IST – 7:30 am on 19th January
  • GMT – 2:am on 19th January

The Royale Pass price is1800 UTC

Skin types in PUBG

  • M16A4 skin
  • Parachute skin
  • mythic angelic player skins
  • AWM skin
  • Micro UZI skin

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Credit for developers –

Soumyajit Dutta – PUBG Mobile 17

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