Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G cost in the US

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G cost in the US

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

As the flagship of  Samsung galaxy, s21 smartphone companies such as Samsung and Apple steadily update every year. It may be unrealistic to expect significant improvements in the performance and specification of each phone. Therefore, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 is an improvement of the previous generation and is not a major modification.  

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G price

Anyway, if you want to use a large, top-spec camera (provided by S21 Ultra) with a 3-speed Galaxy S21 series that supports 5G, you should consider the other to high-end models S21 + S21 Ultra (I’m particularly excited about the possibility of unlocking the car using mobile phone both support UWB technology that makes it possible)

But for those who are happy with the 6.2- inch screen and relatively affordable price. The “standard” S21 offers most of the features of the Samsung galaxy s21 smartphone, and I the smallest and most affordable package of the three.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Pricing

In a range comparison, for the same RAM and storage size, the S21 + cost £ 945 and £ 999, respectively (In the US or Australia, each S21 model costs $ 200 or A $ 200 ). The 128GB S21 Ultra starts at £ 1,149 ( US $ 1200 , AU $ 1849 )and the  512 GB version starts at £ 1329 (US $ 1380, AU $ 2149).

The Galaxy S21 (along with the S21 + and S21 Ultra) will be available on January 29th – the predecessor of the Galaxy S20 began shopping in March 2020. Book your mobile phone before this date, and you‘ll get the real Galaxy Buds live for free. Wireless earplugs, free Galaxy Smart tag.

The Galaxy S21 has 8GB RAM, 128GB, and 256GB of storage options, and the price at £ 769 ($ 799, A $ 1249) and A $ 819 ($ 850, A $ 1349), respectively. This is much lower than the price of the 5G, 12GB RAM version of the S20 released last year, and slightly lower than the 4G, 8GB version of the S20

Given that Samsung has already price that S21 at a fairly good price, the micro SD card slot used to expand the device’s internal storage is no longer available on the S21  and S21+.

The Screen

As far as the screen is concerned, the biggest development in this series is that the S21 ultra offers a refresh rate of 120Hz at maximum resolution (3200 x 1440). Compared to the lower resolution (2400 x 1080 ) of the Samsung galaxy s21 smartphone, this speed still surprises responsiveness and smooth sports performance. 

Since its debut in the Galaxy S series, the S21 Ultra is the only Phone in the series an S pen. However, Samsung’s’ President TM Roh has suggested that the company plans to “expand the S Pen to other device categories, ” so don’t deny that this accessory will be used in future small phones. 


Samsung has always insisted on the screen size of the S20 series.  In short, the S21 has the same 6.2-inch display as its predecessor. The dynamic AMOLED2X Infinity–O screen supports HDR10 +, and the full HD resolution is 2400×1080 ( instead of 3040×1440), this will result in a slightly lower pixel, but you won’t be disappointed. 

In the S20’s review, we called the scree “ brilliant colors and striking details,” but, thankfully, the operation is the same this time around. In fact, the S22 display looks very similar, even at low resolutions.

Watching the eruption of Kilauea volcano in the BBC’s “perfect Planet ” documentary, we found that it matched S21’s powerful color pallet, lava-like yellow and orange tones, and brightened and saturated the eyes. The photos are crisp and crisp, supported by gravel, sea, and smoke detail levels.

Xperia  5 Ⅱ

However, in contrast, Sony’s similarly priced Xperia  5  and the more expensive flagship Xperia 1 both have better all-around screens. we like Samsung’s passion pallet- played the second episode of Wanda Vision on Disney + Reds, Greens, Yellows, and orange looked solid when the colors flooded the house and were washed on the screen, but sony was sharper and had better overall contrast, their PLED display does a particularly good job of producing deep black without sacrificing dark details.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Sound 

Similarly, the two Sony’s are superior to Samsung in terms of sound quality. I connected it to a wired Sennheiser Momentum earphone via Sony’s 3.5mm headphone jack ( Samsung’s USB-C output also requires a dongle adapter ) o play Taylor and Tailor Swift’s “island.”  Sony Han enhanced vocal Expression by providing more room for acoustic and drum performances. Their dynamic rhythm has a better musical feel in the work under vocals.

The S21 doesn’t sound very sophisticated, but it sounds perfect. There are clarity and detail throughout the presentation, especially in the open midrange, and three is no lack of careful planning of the content delivered. Samsung works well on smartphones, but Sony is like a dedicated music player, Samsung took the included earplugs ( and charge plugs) out of the box, so they need their own earplugs.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Unboxing Video

Credit to the owner who made this gem…

Features of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung was able to beat Sony in terms of camera performance as the Galaxy S21 proved to be one of the best camera phones around. Like the S21+, the S21 combines a 3-lens rear camera that includes an ultra-wide-angle 12MP (120- degree angle of view is possible), wide-angle 12MP and 64MP telephoto lenses, and q 10MP front lens. Snapshot-But Samsung made a big difference in this regards Progress can make more money in the AI processing sector.

In contrast, the S21 ‘s sweet-colored capture dulls Sony’s appearance. and Samsung is also superior in terms of clarity and clarity. Compared to the S20, the photo is brighter (sometimes at the expense of shadow detail and depth ) and slightly sharper. However, this a short-range call and shows Samsung’s performance in the shooter.


The improved “ night vision” Mode increases brightness and highlight when trying to use the S2 for night photography. The S20 may be more accurate in grasping a particular night. But its follow –up products digs into the details completely.

Samsung has also adjusted the portrait mode. This allows the owners to adjust the lighting and add a background effect to the selfie. You can also create a Portfolio of all the “best moments” you’ve shot at once. Including more captures and highlights, in a single shot. Video reel currently, the “20x Space Zoom” is equipped with a “lock” function. Which allows you to take pictures with maximum stability.

For video recording

For video recording, not only can you record 8K video at 24 fps (or record $K video at 60 fps). But the new Director’s View allows you to view and switch all four shots during recording. This is useful for making a short video. Samsung’s new Galaxy buds pro wireless earphone can capture both ambient sound (via the S21’s microphone) and audio (via the bud’s microphone ) at the same time. Improving the filmmaking experience.

The rear camera is the most notable design and development of the S21. The new contour bump in the upper left corner is integrated with the metal frame. The phantom Violet sample (Samsung’s new color) looks stylish. With a rose gold bump design frame complementing the purple matte back panel. Instead of phantom gray, you can see the colors of phantom pink and phantom white well.

Samsung galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G features

The verdict

The S20 didn’t offer a major AV upgrade. But the Samsung Galaxy S21 successfully overturned The S-series in terms of camera enhancement. Aesthetic enhancement, and modest enhancements and accessories. But still maintained a good balance between performance and value.

The S21 is by no means an overhaul of its predecessor and not a reason for S20 owners to upgrade, but Android fans with older phones will find a whole new shiny device, especially in terms of camera performance and value. There is no doubt that you are looking for it. Higher in the level list. For those who pay more attention to listening to music, Sony Xperias is a better choice. That’s why we hope Samsung will make progress in the next generation of Galaxy S phones in this area. However, so far, the product line’s reputation as one of the best all-around products on the market has not changed.

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