The Game changer PlayStation 5 price is still a mystery

The Game changer PlayStation 5 price is still a mystery

PlayStation 5 Design revealed

This year is full of anticipation for worldwide Gamers with hopes keeping high on the delaying the releasing dates of most expected games such as COD- Modern warfare and Warzone season 4. Play station fans was keeping eye all open all this summer to indulge in the presence of all new PS5 but Sony  in on top of things this time not to even give the slightest taste for the dying fans.

But, Sony gives up by releasing the all new stylish design of the gamers favorite console and its all related accessories with black non parallel lines running covering all surfaces with a peril white matte finished look with touch of purple led coloring light the new beast look absolute stunning.

Even though Sony has not revealed the release dates for this masterpiece for now but it’s rumored to on the holidays of 2020 with a battle royal against X-box series X  in December 2020. But Amazon France  predicted the release dates as November  20th , 2020 and a product page was initialized with newest play station will cost 499€ and later this information on the page was denied by
“The screenshot showing a PS5 product page on with a price of 499€ and a release date on November 20 is a fake and is not coming from our website,” an Amazon France spokesperson told TechRadar.

Rumors has it prices in US would be much lesser than in UK or any other country since they have not upfront sales taxes to bare in that case the digital version of PS5 will be 399$ and the standard version will hit at 499$. Even though this prices were predicted , most of the gamers and tech geeks mentioned the prices will be floating around 399- 499$ range in US and a tad more in other territories. Prices won’t drop from that range since Sony knows for best their PS5 fans are willing to pay even more the future products.

Another leak has emerged  that X box newest series X will easily undercut whatever Sony will have in their sack for PS5, by introducing the X box new series x with half the Ps5 prices.

With all new games releasing now, which had been delayed due raging protests in USA and corona virus pandemic breaking out PS5 in the mix with a furious battle with Xbox this holidays are going to be so much action packed.

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