The latest Google chrome update cycle every 4 weeks will be coming soon

The latest Google chrome update cycle every 4 weeks will be coming soon

Google chrome update cycle every 4 weeks

Google Chrome usually gets new features every 4 weeks with a big change in security, stability, or speed. And also Google has taken an aggressive stance on updates since its inception where Google plans to speed up the process by releasing a new milestone every four weeks. Then set to change slightly and Google is expected to take an even more aggressive approach to launch new features starting with Chrome 94 in 2021 Q3, which means that users can expect the exploration experience to be fresh and constantly evolving in four weeks’ time. In addition to the schedule, Google can be expected to release minor security-centric updates every two weeks.

Google chrom update
How to update Google Chrome

Features of major versions

Here is the Major versions with these latest features (ie 88 -> 89) are released every six weeks. As well, it can be cited as a feature and minor security-centric updates are expected to arrive every two weeks here on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome  Google plans to release a “milestone” every four years so that the new functionality of the OS is available on a fast monthly basis, and Google will launch this new release round with Chrome 94 in the third quarter of 2021.

The latest testing and release processes for this new Chrome have been improving and two-week security updates have been adding to improve the patch gap, making it clear that this latest release cycle can be shortened and new features added more quickly.

Video guideline of Google chrome update 

How to Update Google Chrome?

  • First of all, open your PC
  • Open the Google Chrome
  • And click More on your top right
  • Click the Update Google Chrome (Especially, if you can’t see this button you are already in the latest Google version)
  • Finally, Click the Re-Launch on your PC

In particular, as part of this change, “enterprise administrators and chromium importers who need extra time to manage updates. And also, Confident that they will reach a “long-lasting stable” milestone in an eight-week cycle and will have no access to this channel for non-regular Chrome users.  There is news that

However, extensive stability security updates are releasing every two weeks to fix important issues. But those updates do not include the new features or all the security fixes available in the 4-week option. And more details will be coming in the coming months for Chromebook administrators with management tools.

Moreover, Google is expecting to launch the new release cycle with Chrome 94 in the third quarter of 2021. With support for Chrome OS stable releases that will be updating a week later on desktop and mobile phones.  The last six-week version will be Chromium 93 on August 31st, with a preliminary schedule with new documentation, and the team hopes to receive feedback from chromium subscribers at the branch

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