What is Pitch Black Recovery Project and How it is Work?

What is Pitch Black Recovery Project and How it is Work?

What is pitch black recovery? and also how it is Work?

Here is a complete review of the Pitch Black Recovery Project, It is a fork of TWRP  in many improvements to make your day by day work easy and smart with more flexible working. This PBRP launched to date is March 18th of 2018, The developers have introduced the best themes and features from different countries under the latest  TWRP customization, Let’s see more.

Realme pitch black recovery
Realme for Pitch Black Recovery Project

What is the best custom recovery?

Custom ROM means you need this ROM when you are recovering your device or when you root your system and you are playing with the Android system you will need this custom ROM. There is also some treble supported ROM and Non – treble supported ROM, This custom ROMs allows when you install.

Best 5 custom ROMs

  • Pitch Black Recovery Project
  • TWRP Recovery Project(team win)
  • Orange Fox Recovery Project
  • Red Wolf Recovery Project
  • Sky Hawk Recovery Project

Features and themes of PBRP

  • Latest TWRP source
  • MIUI OTA supported the PBRP
  • Changeable accents full of dark themes
  • PBRP has included Various tools
  • It can fix many types of bugs and optimization
  • ARB was very safe
  • Decryption is supported
  • And also Ozip flashing supported
  • Treble and non-treble is available 
  • Native android materials and designs are available

Step by step installation Guide for PBRP

Anyway, if you have any doubt about installing PBRP, Okay, follow the step by step guide video

Credit to create this Gem for the owner.

Step by the step installation guide about 

  • First of all download the PBRP zip code to your mobile device
  • The second is getting ready to reboot your mobile current custom recovery
  • The third step is flash on the pitch-black zip for your device
  • The final step is according to the above step, your device will auto
  • Reboot into the PBRP ( Pitch Black Recovery Project)
  • Great, now enjoy with your new custom recovery

For the PC step by step installation

  • Okay, Now download Pitch Black Recovery Project is on your PC device
  • Using below flashable zip code
  • Then extract the Pitch Black Recovery Project zip code
  • Then Go To the fast boot in your PC device 
  • Also, flash recovery.img by fastboot flash recovery.img
  • Then reboot your PBRP 
  • Like we say copy the zip code into your internal storage
  • Finally, flash your internal storage
  • Great, enjoy1!

Code for flash the recovery.img

  •   flashboot flash recovery recovery,img 

Code flash vbmeta ( it was getting from fast boot ROM)

  • Fastboot –disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

Code for boot into Pitch Black Recovery Project

  • Fastboot boot recovery.img


  • Fastboot OEM reboot-recovery


All devices that PBRP supported 

  • Xiaomi 
  • Asus 
  • Realme 
  • Coolpad 
  • HTC 
  • Oneplus

Special Points –

  • Pitchblack stable version – 3.0.0
  • For the device – cattail
  • Based on – TWRP version of- 3.4.0
  • Project status is – BETA
  • Project type – Utility / Tool

Bugs – 


Credit to Developer –


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This article will show you everything you should know about the Pitch Black Recovery Project, Let’s get back together with the latest information.