WhatsApp Message can be Deleted Even After 7 Min With this Bug


WhatsApp is presently rolling out the flexibility to delete and revoke messages once they have been sent. The operator has been in testing as a hidden feature in many earlier versions of the mobile chat app, however, is formally going live in the week.

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Going forward, WhatsApp users are going to be ready delete messages from conversations and cluster chats up to seven minutes once they’ve broached the send button, as long as each sender and receiver have updated to the newest version of the app. The new possibility referred to as “Delete for everyone” can seem additionally to “Delete for me”, and is already exposure for a few users once they choose a message to trash.

In a printed support article, WhatsApp notes that recipients “may see your messages before it’s deleted or if the deletion wasn’t successful”, that the feature is not bound to work all the time. it is also attainable that some users should still see the messages in notifications before they are deleted.

This is attainable by choosing the specified message and sound on the delete icon at intervals seven minutes. A window pops up with choices like “Delete for Me”, “Cancel”, and “Delete for Everyone”. The window doesn’t shut mechanically once seven minutes and choosing the “Delete for Everyone” possibility wipes the message no matter the time that has passed on. it’s vital to notice that each party ought to have a constant version of the app put in to use the feature. It conjointly works on WhatsApp for the net and therefore the Desktop App.

That said, even though you’re victimization the newest version of WhatsApp, you would possibly not be ready to use Delete for everybody. A listing page on WhatsApp’s website explains that each you and therefore the person you’re chatting to want to be victimization the newest version of the app, so as for Delete for everybody to figure.

What’s additional, it solely applies to messages that aren’t any over seven minutes previous. If you are attempting to delete one thing you sent eight minutes past, you won’t be ready to.

WhatsApp conjointly says there’s an opportunity the person you’ve been chatting to may even see your message before you are attempting to revoke it, which you’ll not be notified if one in all your makes an attempt to use Delete for everybody is unsuccessful.

According to a report by humanoid Jefe shows that the present version of WhatsApp includes a bug or loophole that permits any user to delete a message even once the period of time of seven minutes from the time of causation. we tend to were ready to corroborate this report on our devices and therefore the bug will exist.

In straightforward words, it means WhatsApp has created a slip as merely keeping the delete window open permits the user to delete messages, even once the time window for doing thus has passed. The delete window is busybodied here, as whenever WhatsApp detects the window is open, the inner timer fails to end and a message will be deleted whenever a user needs to delete it.


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