Who Should Be Responsible For Strata Plumbing Problems?

Who Should Be Responsible For Strata Plumbing Problems?

Living in a strata community means that most issues are solved by the owners’ corporation. They are responsible for any issues that arise within the strata scheme(s). Although a straightforward concept, matters can become complicated especially when the issue of paying for repairs is live. It is sometimes difficult to tell who is responsible. Is it the private lot owner or the owners’ corporation? Plumbing issues within a strata scheme are definitely a grey area.

These situations, however, can be avoided. 

For Strata properties, regular plumbing maintenance is the key to prevention. Strata companies typically work with a reputable plumbing business and have a preventative maintenance plan in place to ensure the plumbing for both commercial and residential properties are in good working order, all-year-round.

To understand the boundaries when it comes to repairs and maintenance issues within a strata scheme, it is vital that you understand what constitutes common property, limited common property, and strata lots.

Who is Responsible for Plumbing Issues in A Strata Scheme? 

At Melbourne Plumbing, strata services cover properties ranging from residential units to commercial buildings. The plumbers are contracted for regular strata maintenance work at set intervals and are also responsible for round-the-clock emergency service.

This means that if there is ever a plumbing disaster, strata services team, will relieve the issue from the hands of the property owners, business owners and residents, and take it on themselves to resolve.

There are a lot of benefits for having your strata plumbing services carried out by well-known Strata Plumber Melbourne.

You can trust that the maintenance of your property is in the hands of qualified plumbers who are experienced in strata maintenance and repair. You can rest easy knowing that they can handle any situation presented to them, in any type of property.

Strata services are efficient, streamlined and, most of all, hassle-free. Qualified plumbers have ongoing communication with strata management about scheduled repairs, emergency repairs, and maintenance requirements. Any problems that arise are strata plumbing’s responsibility, and the property owner doesn’t have to sweat the details.

With a strata management service, you won’t have to worry about being caught out with a plumbing disaster, as they provide around-the-clock, same day plumbing or blocked drain Melbourne emergency services. So, rather than having to track down an available plumber in your area, you can rest easy knowing that it will all be taken care of for you.

How does this affect plumbing issues? 

Because plumbing involves a lot of hidden parts and pieces that can’t always be seen on the surface, it can be hard to know exactly who is responsible. For a lot owner, the best thing to do is advice the strata board or secretary immediately when you see water or potential damage due to plumbing. This can be either inside the apartment or on the common property.

From here, it’s their responsibility to call in for professional help, and this is usually done without the need for a meeting if it’s a minor repair. Larger repairs may require a meeting with other lot owners to discuss potential costs and causes of action.

Living in a strata scheme usually implies that most of the repair and maintenance issues you face are solved by the owners’ corporation through the strata manager. Whichever plumbing issues arise in your strata scheme, it would be best to discuss them with your strata management services provider especially if you are uncertain on how you should proceed.