Will Apple iOS 15.2 Come in December 2021

Will Apple iOS 15.2 Come in December 2021

With the launch of the iPhone Series 13, Apple iOS 15 was released on September 20,2021. The devices started to ship on September 24, 2021. After that, the major update – iOS 15.1 – October 25, 2021, with lots of cool features and some bug fixes. They have planned to release the second major u0date for iOS 15, iOS 15.2, by December. Meanwhile,  the beta version of iOS 15.2 was released on November 9, 2021.

Apple iOS 15.2
Apple iOS 15.2 Beta version released on 09-11-2021

iOS 15.2 Release Date

Hopefully, the new iOS major update will release in mid-December. The beta version of iOS 15.2 has already been released for tests. After the beta version was published for tests, the previous major updates took almost one month to release. Hence wee can hopefully expect to release the second major update in mid-December.

Moreover, Apple released two minor updates for the iOS 15. 15.0.1 update released on October 1, 2021, and 15.0.2 update released on October 11,2021. These minor updates mainly worked with fixing bugs in the messaging app, photo app, and security features.

What comes with Apple iOS 15.2?

The previous major update comes with Share Paly, ProRes, Auto Macro Toggle, Lossless Audio, Dolby Atmos with Spatial Audio, Covid-19 vaccine card in the Wallet app, and translate app. Moreover, the following bugs were addressed on the iOS 15.1 update.

  • Available WiFi networks can not detect
  • Audio playing from an app many pause when locking the screen
  • The wallet may need quiet when using VoiceOver with multiple passes
  • The weather app may not show the accurate temperature of the My Location. It may display colors of animated backgrounds incorrectly.

So, you may wonder what to be updated in so hurry? Even within three-four months after releasing the iOS 15?

Certainly, you will be happy to hear the following updates with iOS 15.2 major second update.

App Privacy Report in iOS 15.2

Currently, we all care more about our digital privacy. Since most of the major social media platforms, ad networks are accused of unethically consumer data collection,– the whole digital world is keen on protecting the end user’s personal data.

So, one of the best features that come with Apple is, we can see what apps collect our personal data. This feature came with the initial iOs 15 version.

However, the feature is not “ON” by default settings. You have to manually On the feature by Privacy> Record App Privacy> Switch the slider into the green. Now the iPhone will record the details regarding your privacy and create a document for you.

The new iOS 15.2 update will give you enhanced access to the feature and prepare a more detailed report for you. You may find the recent App Privacy Report in the Price section under the Settings menu. You may follow, Settings> Privacy App> Privacy Report> Turn On App Privacy Report.

This report will show you that what apps are using the data and the frequency. For instance, you can see what apps read the data of iPhones, which sensors they can access, and how often apps go online. Consequently, it is very important to see what kind of data can collect by the apps with iPhone ns its sensors.

Apple iOS SOS procedure

In the previous versions, you may press the side button five times or more to make an emergency call in the cause of an emergency situation. Moreover, there is another way to make an emergency call with your iPhone. Just press the side button and pre any volume key at the same time. When you press these buttons simultaneously foe while the emergency call will initiate.

However, the second method mentioned above seems to discontinue the Apple iOS 15.2 update.

iOS 15.2 update will also make the count down timer a bit longer. When you request to make an emergency call, you will have an eight-second interval before the call initiate. So you can reconsider the situation and cancel the call if needed by pressing those buttons accidentally.

iMessage regarding Abuse Warning in iOS 15.2

The Apple event held in the summer of 2021 announced that Apple will implement steps to prevent child abuse via Apple devices and systems. As a result, iOS 15.2 Update has given the facility to control the deice and prevent children from seeing unwanted content. In other words, Apple will automatically display bluer suspicious images and only fully load after consent is given. In addition to that, parents will receive a message when the child is concerned about seeing such a picture.

So we hope these cool features will have some value to you and your lifestyle. Keep in touch with us for more upcoming news and share it with your friends.