Will iPhone 13 Face ID Recognize You with the Face Mask and Foggy Glasses On?

Will iPhone 13 Face ID Recognize You with the Face Mask and Foggy Glasses On?

iPhone 13 Face ID can be the best shot of the Apple event this


If you are an Apple fan, you are using iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 versions, you have already known that your face id isn’t going to work with your face mask. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is still there, and you might have to wear a face mask for a while. Things can be worst if you are wearing a spectacle.  Foggy glasses are a disappointing factor among people wearing spectacles because they can’t control their worm breath goes up.

Face Mask and Foggy Glasses
How will the new Face ID recognize me with this face mask and foggy glasses?

Even though Apple released their best version of the iPhone last year, they couldn’t solve this problem as they thought. Apple Watch on your wrist can help optionally to bypass Face ID with its passcode. However, that is also not 100% possible because not all iPhone users wear an Apple watch. If you remember, an update had come to sort out this problem when you started to wear a mask in public for the first time.

Also, suddenly, there were some privacy issues arose. So, most Apple users, including me, wait till September to see how iPhone 13 Face welcomes us to newly generated masked Earth.

As a multi-billion company, Apple won’t disappoint its users. That’s why we heard the news that a prototype case that fits with iPhone 12 is testing at their labs for the new Face ID array. This new hardware development of the prototype case allows bypassing iPhone 12’s Face Id. This unique array comes with super visible extra sensors placed above the phone. And this could be narrower than the typical iPhone 12 Face ID array. We can expect this narrowed face Id array on the upcoming iPhone 13.

Prototype case
Prototype case for the iPhone 12

This particular prototype case has already been given to apple’s employees. So it tested instead of giving them an unreleased iPhone 13. The tests have been done among the employees in different ways. Initially, they allow employees to register their face with iPhone 13 Face Id as usual and then ask them to unlock the phone while wearing a mask. They were also testing how it works when they wear a glass because glasses become foggy while performing.

Apple has done tests in several ways. Like masks on and with glasses, mask on without glasses, both off and so on. Even though we mentioned those tests superficially, they have done those several times and much more profoundly, with inside and outside cases including different types of masks and glasses.

Concluding above all, we can expect iPhone 13 and its subsets will surprise us with this new Face ID which can recognize with a mask and foggy glasses on though you haven’t worn an apple watch on your wrist. Of course, there is a better option than this is a fingerprint. But Apple won’t reconsider their fingerprint option, which they invented ten years back.

New-looking iPhone 13 may have some other differences in its Face Id array. Sensors and camera will move on to the left—earpiece positioning at the top.

The new apple Face ID improvement will help to increase the social safety measures under this pandemic because you don’t need to on and off your mask with your hands from time to time. If they have done tests recently, we can’t expect this feature to be available immediately on iPhone 13. But, hardware for the new Face Id tests means we can have that feature, and future software updates will give us the best experience.