Xiaomi’s new noise-canceling earphones on this May 13

Xiaomi’s new noise-canceling earphones on this May 13

Xiaomi’s new noise-canceling earphone features/price and more

Here Xiaomi announces the launch of its first TWS earbuds(new noise-canceling earphones) with a case inspired by OEM’s redesigned logo. Therefore, its edges were curved exactly the same. And also its predecessors were boxing. Wearable interior “Pro” range noise cancellation technology and will be launched soon. Xiaomi brought back the Mi Air 2 Pro in October but is now becoming a successor to TWS earrings. With the mouse, Xiaomi has released a teaser on its Weibo profile and reveals a new case with the new Xiaomi logo.

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The image tells us when this launch will take place in Xiaomi, and this Thursday, May 13th, in tomorrow, an image of this so-called real bud sprouting has been published and we will let you know as soon as we know the latest details.

However, Without elaborating on whether there will be an active noise cancellation, Xiaomi said that the upcoming set will be the company’s flagship earphones – something we have not yet seen from the manufacturer. However, it is believing that tight sealing of the rubber tips will enhance passive cancellation.

In addition, Xiaomi’s new round logo design has polished all the corners of pre-inspired designs to no corners, and we hope that this case will retain its wireless charging capabilities as well as inherit the 500 mAh battery capacity from the My Air 2 Pro.

Noise-canceling earphones new design 

Xiaomi may call its latest audio device the “Mi Sound-canceling Headphone Pro” (according to Google Translate, at least); However, it seems that they have a charging case. Which has been revealed to be designed after the latest version of the OEM logo.

The company may refer to this look as an “arc design” and refine it with precision to match its new brand. It identity (detailed at the recent Mi 11 Ultra / Mi Mix Fold production event). In terms of built-in accessories, they are expecting to be as successful as the Mi True Wireless Earphone 2 Pro. The higher-end TWS earbuds had a 3 micro-hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) of 12mm (mm) so the Mi Noise cancellation headphone pro can be expected to fit at least these specifications in their immediate launch.

Noise-canceling earphones price

Xiaomi has not yet given a hint about the price of its new earrings; For reference, however, the Mi True Wireless Earphone 2 Pro started at 699 yuan (the US $ 109). Their upgrades currently cost at least as much as their own release. Will meet with the latest information after the launch.

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