Young Hacker Took Over Prison Network to Reduce Friend’s Sentence


A 27-year-old Michigan man who hacked into the administration PC arrangement of Washtenaw County Jail to change detainee records and increase early discharge for his companion is currently himself confronting government charges in the wake of getting got.

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Konrads Voits from Ann Arbor, Michigan, confessed in elected court a week ago to hack into the Washtenaw County government PC framework prior this year utilizing malware, phishing, and social building traps trying to get his companion discharged ahead of schedule from imprisoning.

Jail Network Hacked by a Hacker

Prosecutors say Voits likewise utilized telephone calls to jail staff guaranteeing to be a director at the County Jail’s IT office and deceiving them into downloading and running malware on their PCs by going by a fake site at “,” which mirrors the Washtenaw official URL, “”

Regardless of his endeavors, the email skewer phishing efforts were unsuccessful, and in mid-February, Voits changed to calling area imprison workers.Amid his calls, examiners said Voits acted like “T.L.” and “A.B.,” two real Washtenaw County Jail, both working in the correctional facility’s IT division.

Voits called other prison workers and requesting that they visit certain sites to download and introduce an executable that would “update the County’s correctional facility framework.”

Programmers confront being bolted up forever if their digital assaults result in individuals biting the dust or being truly harmed under the Government’s proposition which were disclosed in the Queen’s discourse yesterday.

The move comes in the midst of expanding worry that web fear based oppressors – or even a solitary programmer working from their room – now can possibly disturb nourishment supplies, phone organizes and even vitality supplies by utilizing the web.

“Through the establishment and utilization of this malware, Voits could increase full access to the County organize, including access to delicate County records, for example, the XJail framework (the PC program used to screen and track detainees in the County Jail), court order sworn statements, inside teach records, and County representative individual data,” the request understanding peruses.

The FBI says Voits could acquire data, including passwords, usernames, messages, and other individual data of more than 1,600 County workers.

When Voits approached this information, agents said he got to the XJail framework, sought and got to the records of a few prisoners, and changed no less than one section “with an end goal to understand that detainee discharged early.”

Prison authorities said they paid $235,488 “to decide the full degree of the rupture, to reimage various traded off County hard drives, to check the exactness of the electronic records of almost every then-current County Jail prisoner, and to endeavor to console the 1,600 County workers whose individual information had been bargained by buying a data fraud program for County representatives.”

Accessing this framework, in the end, enabled Voits to take imprison records of a few prisoners, court order affirmations and individual subtle elements, including passwords, usernames, and email addresses, of more than 1,600 workers, alongside changing electronic records of no less than one detainee for early discharge.


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